The hard road The hard road Used car electricity supplier which kind

3.15 night, CCTV exposure of the car easy to shoot the sale price difference, violation of the consumer’s right to know, triggering a public opinion. And not long after, but also circulated among users in such a sentence: the car is easy to shoot money, melon second-hand car desperately".

then, melon seeds used car long-term problems have also been fraudulent users, refused to reveal to the public, payment, through the field detection problems emerge in front of the public, these problems will be pushed to the second-hand car seeds in the teeth of the storm. Not only that, Ping An Group, the company has also been blasting will close the safety car.

what about the used car market


according to the prospective industry Research Institute released the "2016-2021 China competition strategy of second-hand car market competition and business analysis report" data show that during 2000-2014, the second-hand car trading volume and trading volume showed a rising trend, by 2014, China’s second-hand car trading volume reached 6 million 53 thousand and 900, an increase of 16.35%, second-hand car trading volume of about 367 billion 565 million yuan, an increase of 26.03%.

shows that Chinese people are increasingly willing to buy second-hand cars online, even if it is a large and can not ignore the next step of the transaction.

why, second-hand car electricity supplier is difficult to develop in the past less than a year’s time, there are 15 second-hand car business platform collapse or about to collapse.

according to statistics, most of these 15 companies in 2015 did not get financing. Sell a car will be posted hundreds or thousands of stores, plus advertising costs, operation and maintenance costs, if there is no strong financial support, it is difficult to stick to it. Therefore, some users said the second-hand car electricity supplier winter has come, but not too much.

second-hand car electricity supplier in the end what are the problems?

a platform to earn trading price difference

The car is easy to shoot

known as "transparent" and "no difference", but in fact they designed two sets of background, entrance of buyers and sellers are fundamentally different, see the auction price is thousands of yuan, the thousands of yuan to go? We can make nothing of it. In fact, as long as the good service, good quality of the car, the middleman people make the difference is normal, I believe that most customers are able to accept, but why must you be so in a sneaky way of


two. Tune table car flooding

a few days ago, Mr. Wang told reporters reflect, said the use of second-hand vehicles sold through the melon seeds of the network to buy a used car mileage was adjusted. "The thought that bought a second-hand car mileage less, but did not expect the actual mileage up to more than 20 thousand kilometers, buy this car really." Mr. Wang said.


survey found that in the garage to pay 120 yuan, will be able to complete the "table" operation in 5 minutes, and the vehicle appraiser did not see it.

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