Do stand 333 days want to say goodbye to my website

      a, brilliant preparation

      these days have been want to quit the thing, think about also should make a summary, a year of effort to leave, always some can not tell the taste.

      some background: I am male, 19 years old, a sophomore. Station is the campus BBS, I hope to give the same way to go some of the friends of the experience, but also hope to do the forum friends can see something.

      also, I speak more wordy, brothers forgive me! But this article with something non website, including life and other things, I hope you can look down with.

      contact network is in high school, a good brother took me to apply for a UC number, so excited to find someone to chat in the diary "today to the Internet, but also good, love me for a long time to ignore me, you have a good life, good Mei" then because this was his girlfriend laughed for a long time.

      I was in love with something very rare now — love poetry, Haizi, a main thing is to have access to the Internet to Haizi related website forum. Go to a poetry forum, and once to Haizi homepage free space for a lot of heart, the station is built for a long time, has been working with the home station, or 8U8 of free space, is probably a forum called web * * * what foreign support Chinese free forum, but God said, free it is impossible to drop, the website hanging open, I started looking for a free forum road. Later know, you can find free space, building their own forum, but ultimately want also nothing more than that. Until a love his brother to buy space and domain name do I stop Haizi. Also did not have any interest in the station, or interested in poetry.

      in the second summer vacation this summer, I have been thinking about one thing: to the school of poetry, so I have a summer in planning. In 80s we had a poetry school, now the club fared better, I even found that the president and several other people contact data. They decided to go back to solve the funding that our society must do well, I want to. As before in shopping in the poetry forum, a find that our school basically no formal forum, a school attached to a community, but because of various restrictions, the school often closed, and even some sections to post! I naturally thought of doing a BBS on campus, with the help of BBS to expand its influence to society, the university now, which school did not BBS, a summer vacation is very exciting, waiting to carry out my dream school!

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