ndustry website overall planning program sharing

According to the

set sail Zhuhai website construction market research, believe that customers can accept every year from 1000 to 2000 yuan membership fee, but it depends on what kind of customers can obtain service from here, this is our information acquisition and data processing capacity constraints two.

sail Zhuhai network construction that our sales steps in three areas, first of all, the market penetration.

second step is to pay attention to direct sales and telemarketing. Within the industry and the surrounding business customers are our main goal of the site, direct sales and telemarketing is the best way to sell these companies.

third is to pay attention to the development of partnerships, I will be in the industry and academic institutions, industry associations, media, training and other organizations to carry out extensive cooperation. On the one hand, these cooperation can expand the visibility of the site itself, on the other hand, we can use the power of partners to obtain some marginal revenue.

in the industry, the competition between the internet station is very intense, more serious homogenization. Our competitors are mainly a few sites

set sail Zhuhai network construction through analysis and comparison can be seen, although the competitors have the expertise in different areas. There is also a certain impact and user base. But the problem is widespread website, market segmentation is too fine, is not conducive to the sustainable development of the website — although market segmentation, industry specialization is the future trend of the development of the Internet, it is not suitable for market segmentation but still within the industry, it can not meet the comprehensive needs of professional users. In addition, these sites generally lack of international vision and market means, but also become one of the bottlenecks restricting the development and expansion of the site.

to sum up, the entire industry is still a lack of an influential, comprehensive and integrated business website. Therefore, the "industry website" will effectively fill this gap in the market, is committed to become a China in industry has also have certain leadership within the international competitiveness and visibility of the brand, for customers in the information technology, information, commerce, conference and other aspects to provide professional services.

set sail Zhuhai network construction that we focus on providing the industry website construction, management, planning and other aspects of information technology, information exchange and business services, the majority of users at home and abroad to provide relevant professional information processing and integration of multi-level, specialization, the user can quickly grasp industry trends, insight into the understanding of cutting-edge technology. The latest project information and equipment supply and demand information.

from July 2009 to now, our company website has completed the planning and integration of the content of the website and the implementation of the construction of most of the website module. Can not be denied, by the analysis of the Zhuhai sail network construction: our company website still has the following disadvantages:

1, site positioning is not accurate, logical structure is not clear. My company’s website should be positioned as China’s largest, most complete, the most perfect function of the industry Web site, but the site structure logic vague; a lot of content but eyebrow

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