The impact of e commerce website comment on user purchase decision

in e-commerce, the importance of the shop’s product reviews are being recognized by more and more people.

customers’ comments about commodities are becoming more important, especially when it comes to things that people don’t normally do, such as going to Tibet, or buying things they don’t buy, such as buying a car. In these acts, the review of the reader is often influenced by the comments are relatively large, the views of those industry leaders or consumers who have had this experience is often played a subtle role in the comments.

study the origin of its commodity reviews, I think it is easy to explain. On the Internet, people are skeptical of the enterprise, few people will do the first time purchase decision to say "this enterprise product is absolutely assured", this may be the instinct of protection, furthermore, now the market as a whole is in a buyer’s market, the competition is becoming more and more the fierce trend. For example, you want to buy a mobile phone in the Taobao online (first purchase), you will first selects better reputation (which several businesses offer should be not much difference between the) then you may choose, the best evaluation and evaluation of the highest mobile phone. This is not a rare practice, but it is more and more common, which means that your comments can become the key to business success.

investigate its essence, e-commerce website is a form of word-of-mouth marketing.

word of mouth marketing is the characteristics of a product or service, the feeling is very good, in their own feelings to the product and service to the third, so that others understand the product or service. There is no doubt that the shop is a good commentary on the word-of-mouth marketing. In the browser to browse the commodity information, browse through the comments on the goods, and according to the survey, 98% of users believe that online reviews, there are 82% of people believe that you can trust the comments to buy at least one product.

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under ideal conditions, but now the network, Navy gunmen rampage, no one can guarantee the authenticity of the comments, so some things would be another matter.

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