The first Taobao network business park was established in Wenjiang

recently Chengdu media reported the first Western e-commerce base, Taobao network business park was formally established in Chengdu Wenjiang.

why the establishment of Taobao network operators business park? Join Taobao network operators business park conditions not already have the size, but the shop up space. Have successful network operators and developing network together, but also play an exemplary and leading role, to the initial stage of the network to encourage and help.

after nearly six months of investment, construction, the first Taobao e-business Innovation Park in Wenjiang district before officially began operations. Taobao park service all Taobao shop "singrain Flute" boss Yang Qing, since the Taobao network operators business park, a shop is not the same with previous life at home.

it is understood that Taobao is using optical fiber network operators business park special laying, not through the transfer station directly into the Internet, its stability and speed, are not at home before the use of Internet services than; in logistics services, now has EMS, Shen Tong and other several courier companies stationed in the park to give a the shipping center building. Through the selection and negotiation of the service center, the cost of these courier companies can be as low as 70 percent off. Before the shop at home, shipping is a trouble, and now the delivery is too simple, do not need to go out of this building.


network business park to provide ancillary services far more than the Internet and shipped so simple. For the sale of clothing shop, the park offers professional photography services, saving a lot of energy for them. In the past filled with goods in the home, now the park provides storage space.

weekly business activities once a month, Taobao university courses, network operators are business through continuous improvement in. "Park" helmsman "have a QQ group, you have what problem, usually in exchange. For example, Taobao out of a new marketing tool, they have not used, ask others to use the effect, the value is not worth using."

in the 39 network operators Taobao business park, there are 15 companies in Chengdu local sales of products, including clothing, shoes, arts and crafts, food, tea and other characteristics. The vast majority of these shops a high degree of credibility and good, were included in the Taobao mall and recommended. For example, there are network operators – Taobao five crown shop 1976 beautiful shoes Square Park, weekly sales of 500 thousand yuan this year, the annual sales income of 60 million yuan. There is the initial stage like Qingyun produced a small shop, the sales income of two thousand or three thousand yuan a day.

I am a Chengdu seller Taobao is Taobao customers, hope and a lot of peer exchange and learning, I QQ82887518, adv.

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