Blog platform based marketing blog promotion implementation plan

according to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in July last year, the twenty-second China Internet development statistics report shows that in 08 years, China’s Internet users have overtaken the United States to become the largest country. The number of online shopping has reached 74 million, the annual growth rate of up to 60%. IResearch consulting jointly released the 2008 annual online shopping market development report shows that the domestic market for the first time in more than a hundred million yuan for the first time in the online shopping market for 08 years in. Reached 120 billion, an increase of 128.5% over the previous year.

the official statistics, the tide of e-commerce shopping is an irresistible trend to hit us, but also the quality of Internet users is also rising, coupled with the rapid development of Taobao shop made in recent years, we can foresee Taobao shopping for a lot of people are no longer strange, so we don’t have to worry about the promotion of Taobao shop whether to bring tourists to us, the answer is absolutely yes.

In recent years,

, as a long-term stable and powerful marketing platform, has been paid more and more attention, many companies have started to build their own blog marketing platform. While walking in the forefront of the electronic commerce Taobao shop, because of the increasingly fierce competition, many visionary sellers also began to "grasp" of "rectification movement", on the one hand Taobao promotion, on the one hand Taobao promotion. With the rapid increase of Internet users in China and the continuous improvement of the quality of Internet users, in the long run, this is a very wise approach. In fact, this is not a new thing, we often see a lot of sellers in the Taobao community to share their experience in the promotion of the blog as an important means to promote the shop. But how to effectively use the blog platform to promote the shop it is believed that the majority of sellers or ambiguous. Here we look at a more complete Taobao blog for the promotion of the implementation of the program.

a blog group

plans to promote the 10 blog:

Baidu space: (Baidu included priority)

Sina: (update speed advantages and a wide range of popular advantages)


4 163:

and Bokee:

: the world of friends

and (blog: the most effective blog resources)

and Blogbus: (two level domain names)


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