The railway opened a logistics supplier train reached the melee


years has not yet dispersed the smoke, the logistics industry in the same melee again, and this time the "iron boss" will also join the melee. It is understood that from the beginning of July 1st, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen will open 3 pairs of 6 stations a direct express electricity supplier classes. In the strong involvement of the private rail freight courier fierce fighting electricity supplier market, or for the first time in china.

it is understood that the electricity supplier will take the express train courier companies to send and social development bank, with the direct express train, compensate the original speed of freight trains transport problem, so that the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta manufacturing arrived in the capital within 24 hours. For a long time, in the electricity supplier logistics war, aircraft and road transportation is always the main battlefield of courier packets. In April 1st this year, China Railway Express high-speed rail express service, but because of the price and market positioning, the effect is not ideal. Electricity providers express train this time to prepare the opening, in addition to the courier company and social cooperation, the location is also more pragmatic, train timeliness and price are between high-speed rail express and general cargo.


shows the State Post Bureau, the first quarter of this year, the national courier service enterprise business volume completed 2 billion 600 million, an increase of 51.9%, strong growth momentum. So far, iron boss has been absent from the electricity supplier feast, aircraft and road transport has always been the main battlefield courier packets.

for courier companies, with iron boss hand has been a vision. "Compared to the aircraft, railway express a great advantage, low cost and is not affected by the weather, punctuality rate, but difficult to get a railway resources, especially the private company." Shen Tong relevant responsible person said to the media. Compared with the previous cargo, the future electricity supplier train with a one-stop direct mode of transportation, will greatly shorten the transport time.

railway industry analyst Li Lei believes that the electricity supplier train not only promoted the development of the electricity supplier market, but also the railway company under the pressure of market reform. As a part of the whole process of electricity supplier logistics, electricity providers train in addition to cooperation with the courier company, may also try to direct cooperation with the electricity supplier. This is not only the number of goods to ensure that the number of electricity suppliers can be greatly increased cooperation.

(text / reporter Feng Qiuyu)

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