Designed to provide security for the efficient management of the fast food industry tailored Tengyun


food safety, is a very sensitive topic, and people’s lives are closely related. The recent fluke expired meat incident "to the general public friends" shocked "and" anger "and" cold "," worry ", caused by social attention to food safety problems.

food safety problems, in order to regulate the management, safety and health of the well-known brands, foreign brands are not insurance". From the profound reflection of what our fluke event? The reason, the bane of similar food events probably lies in the supervision of shortage. Therefore, the health of the food, not only the production, but also out of supervision.

Jia Chi software has many years experience in food and beverage management system, as a professional supplier of food and beverage management software, called for: food safety can not be ignored, information security and management also need attention.

fast food catering industry as a segment of the market, the increasingly fierce competition at present, already reaching incandescent state. For those who are still using the traditional manual management or information technology is still not in place, because there are many loopholes in the middle link, which is undoubtedly the rapid development of enterprises and the lack of supervision.

jcipc Tengyun fast-food management software’s software, designed for the fast food industry tailored. The biggest characteristic to strictly control the cost of management, sales, purchasing, business management and other aspects to provide a series of information management solutions for the enterprise, through the construction of information standardization of enterprises, can effectively monitor every key business sectors, such as employee access control, system logs, and offers a number of practical inquiry and the analysis report for the enterprise managers and the sense of peace.

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