Five tips on how to create viral marketing

whatever you want to sell any products, are associated with a person, because science and technology will develop, but human nature does not change, but just a senior animal, whether you are a celebrity, or an ordinary people, is a world leader, or a farmer, or a wise man, or a stupid fool, your humanity will not change.

so you want to create a viral marketing blog, your blog will conform to the human nature, the blog can make people more love you, so there will be more people willing to do business with you, and love to do business with you, it sounds so simple, is it, you may have heard such words, the truth is more. The more simple, concentrate below will share with you not to know the secret of the blog to make money.

unknown blog tips to earn money 1 relationship first, sales of second

dear friends, do you have such experience, when you go to the store to buy two things, if the product quality, price, service, the two are the same, you will buy the product… And who you will end with a good service attitude, warm and thoughtful. This is all because of changes in the relationship between you and your customers, we also want to use blog to sell products, blog to make money, the first is to make our customer relationship and change your blog to do a little you can make your relationship with your customers as long as the fundamental changes.

is to provide value content. When you continue to provide super value to your customers, you can better reflect your value, you become an expert, you become a teacher, you become a friend, please remember the following words. People like to do business with people they like. People like to do business with people he admires. People like to do business with people he respects. People like to do business with people like him. Dear friends, feel the value of this knowledge, so let’s go on.

Secret Blog to earn money 2 to spread a passionate voice

passion generate sales. The reason is that he has changed and expectations of your customer’s emotions, when you provide content can send a voice, can infect your customers, there is passion there is profit. To spread the passion. First you will become a passionate person. Are you passionate about blogging every day?. Are you passionate about what you are doing now?. Are you passionate about your current project. If you are not passionate about your project. It is a difficult thing to do, what do you say? There is an old saying that people always like to go with the will, not the salary.

Secret Blog tips to make money 3 to emphasize similarities and differences

on the Internet when everyone thinks the text has no value when I tell you, your ability to make money and your writing skills is proportional to the Internet when we have in loud propaganda, with free market, but my course >

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