Amoy owners and 160 thousand pass sellers cheating when Hugh

super station recently, super stationmaster moderators, Taobao navigation station "Shoppes library" old Yao’s mom in Taobao webmaster guest income appeared strange phenomenon, recommend a weight loss product price 135 yuan, the Commission is 40%, extension number is 3000, according to the commission the algorithm should be as high as 160 thousand, while the the stationmaster finally got 54 yuan commission. See figure (1)



since blocked Baidu, as part of a "Taobao" strategy, Taobao customer promotion has become a Alibaba the main propaganda way, thus the emergence of a large number of Taobao passenger station, now super stationmaster station has more than 7 thousand registered members, the vast majority of customers Taobao webmaster, Brand Library ( Webmaster) old Yao is super stationmaster station to grow up.

this strange phenomenon super station collective investigation, detection, and finally found a record of 3000 of Taobao’s purchase of the transaction. See figure (two)


Station Super stationmaster to some other similar products were examined, also found the same situation, even a single 5100 transactions, which can be seen this is the manager in your trading volume, keep their products get good rankings in Taobao customers inside, in order to attract customers to promote Taobao, many sellers in the brush, but what is the use of specific vulnerabilities in Taobao and Ali mother, I can make nothing of it.

Consulting and processing of

"brand library" webmaster and super station owners have contacted Ali mother staff related issues, Taobao customer needs is the transaction data is true and reliable, promote them to work, ask the seller to cheat when Hugh


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