Electricity supplier advertising three elements fast cheap love

I’m not an advertising practitioner, but I like to watch advertisements. Some advertising creative, after reading the total people say, if the director can shoot a full-length movie to carefully observe observe. Of course, there are always some advertising people can not bear to look, look after why they often make people sigh not blind deaf ears.

, however, each ad has its own advertising appeal, which is not questioned. As I mentioned in the following three ads, respectively, "fast", "cheap", "love" as the point of appeal.

fast refers to the fast and easy advertising: who is faster than easy fast, this ad is a direct expression of the fast and easy to convey the appeal point, that is fast". What day two send one day to send three, as long as it is convenient and fast service area, can get.

"base" refers to the Jingdong’s ad: "call you a pro, not to discount it, this advertisement at Taobao, but also directly convey the Jingdong’s appeal" discount ", or" base". Every time the anniversary or activity, what brand of thousands of less than half off, 99 yuan cap what things are not a problem.

"love" refers to a series of ad Payeasy, this series of advertisements including "Shopping accompany you for a lifetime", "I love that name" and "love beat bad", "they think good is the best", "looking forward to the next better to rely on their own", "there is a the end, called" start. Payeasy does not directly tell you what to sell, how low the price, express how fast, but it will always tell you to accompany you for a lifetime of Shopping, and continue to highlight the value of women.

can not say fast and easy fast no meaning, after all, for the majority of consumers, but also want to buy things as much as possible to reach their own hands. But fast for consumers is never endless, easy fast can do three a day to send, but always can not be delivered". More importantly, when the easy fast in the hearts of consumers in the formation of expectations, once it is impossible to achieve that is devastating. As consumers will be completely because of a delivery is not timely, and give up a website at the same time this will not tell everyone around.

cheap is the core demands of all consumers, there is no doubt. But "cheap" is also a never-ending demand. For a free people, what are your (please don’t take those rich kuanye or spend money to people the main thing). More important is the "base" basically become a propaganda essential artifact most e-commerce websites, you 99 yuan cap, 98 yuan cap, his 97 yuan cap, to finally kill you fight at outrance brands vomiting blood. In fact, this is not what, the most important thing is to cultivate the vast majority of consumers greedy petty bad habits, leading them to buy cheap.


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