1 shop belongs to Jingdong in China WAL MART gave up doing electricity supplier

Alibaba and Jingdong outside the independent electricity supplier and a less.

June 20th morning, just completed the 618 anniversary of the Jingdong announced a series of strategic cooperation with WAL-MART announced the news. "Jingdong acquired 1 shop" rumors began to spread from last week, and now it has finally settled, but the amount and form, are not the same as people had speculated.

Jingdong will get 1 mall’s main assets, including the number 1 store brands, websites and App are owned by Jingdong, WAL-MART will continue to operate the self-employed business of the store No. 1, incorporated into the mall No. 1. 1 years ago, WAL-MART has just bought from the founder of the team in the hands of shop No. 1, the number of shares in the shop No. 1.

Jingdong and WAL-MART did not disclose the specific amount of the transaction, as part of the cooperation agreement, WAL-MART will acquire 5% stake in Jingdong.


After the announcement of the

, Jingdong shares rose once reached 8.4%

also wrote in Jingdong’s internal mail, the two sides will use WAL-MART’s strong global procurement and supply chain system, relying on Jingdong’s national warehousing and logistics network, to provide consumers with products at home and abroad. Next, WAL-MART’s Sam member store will open the official flagship store on the Jingdong platform.

WAL-MART supermarket will be connected to Jingdong’s 2 hours supermarket delivery service Jingdong home". In the last year, Jingdong launched shortly after the home, a part of WAL-MART stores have online Jingdong in home platform, but the cooperation is not stable, a few months later, the Jingdong home platform, WAL-MART stores disappeared again.


Jingdong internal mail

either in China or in the United States, WAL-MART’s attempt at the electricity supplier is not successful. Acquisition 1 shop has been seen as the last step in the electricity supplier WAL-MART business in china.

in the past year, Tmall supermarket supermarket and Jingdong use their subsidies to promote the market share, try to shop No. 1 after transformation of comprehensive business platform is not successful, after WAL-MART wholly owned, shop No. 1 market share has been in decline. Today, the 1 store in a strategic way to cooperate with Jingdong, the domestic independent of Ali and Jingdong outside of the electronic business platform and a less.

last August, Ali became the second largest shareholder of Suning’s price of $28 billion 300 million. Earlier, when Tencent shares Jingdong, Jingdong will pat Network and easy fast received, but the two have been closed later.

More and more

electricity market Chinese like Alibaba and Jingdong both the competition, at least in the integrated business platform, but has been difficult to find opportunities.

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