B2C how to get the best quality of the site

last time here published an article on the road to talk about the experience of the city’s B2C owners to talk about. It puts forward the relevant problems of access to sources to communicate with me, I also left a QQ number, some people QQ I may not, not I don’t want to communicate with you, but too many people come to exchange a few hours, we will add hundreds of QQ users, it is busy, a lot of people I hope, I have no reason to say sorry, here, so I write here about our Yancheng trading network is how to get the goods, to discuss.

well, here is how the supply of quality or some of my views, said the wrong place hope alone to communicate with me, my QQ:1259593072. I hope there is a source of suppliers to contact me, but also want to get the supply of dealers and I contact.

a, directly from the wholesale market or purchase from Alibaba

if you have enough money, you are not bad money, you can from the wholesale market, Alibaba even directly from manufacturers, from the purchase of these places is good, the purchase price is low, profit is high, the downside is the need to purchase a large amount of goods, the risk is relatively large pressure. That’s enough money to try.

two, can be found on behalf of the seller to sell consignment

I believe that there are a lot of friends just in contact with e-commerce is actually not the strength to purchase their own, there is a strength of the purchase of the risk of cold pressure. So early in the site for shipment and delivery the consignment is a good way, it can achieve zero inventory, to minimize the risk, in fact, a lot of Taobao online diamond sellers are also not in stock.

but someone will say, how to find can delivery the seller, early in the site no sales situation, and who would we? The so-called diandaqike, big bully shop, this point is not wrong, so we must have enough patience and perseverance, not afraid to suffer eyes, maybe what suppliers by your perseverance move, here I will talk about how to do:

first of all, you have to do a good job of the site, you must first make people feel that your site is a powerful site, or a potential site.

then you can search some goods website on Baidu, Taobao can also find some big sellers, one patient, one day can talk about 100, there are 90 reject you, and the 10 is the talk of success.

you can start puerile, first volume, sales volume is bigger, you do not find people, also someone will come to you, and not the people to pick on you, but you choose to others.

three, the use of personal connections to obtain high quality

some sellers he will be able to get a good supply of goods, it is because he has connections, if your relatives and friends who is the manufacturer of

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