The losses and layoffs the collapse of the frequency of PO into jiumingcao group purchase website

editor’s note: after sale is not guaranteed, the lack of industry norms, the development prospects are unknown, a large number of small and medium electricity supplier website has died or is dying. Among them, the group purchase website also seems like a raging fire has entered the winter with the weather. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Group purchase website "left" the king’s prediction will come true next fall? Who will? Beijing IT channel special provision of "observation" group purchase ecological series tracking reports, group purchase group purchase is stripped of chaos, reduction.

Beijing, November 1 (IT channel Zuo Shengdan) money is not a problem, the problem is no money. This is a true portrayal of many buy companies. Beijing IT channel reporter recently found that there are many companies began to start IPO to solve the funding problem.

28, six months loss of nearly four hundred million of the handle network, to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted IPO (initial public offering) prospectus, plans to raise $100 million. Some analysts have said that only one and a half years on the Internet line eager IPO, largely due to financial considerations.


group purchase website but also for the day, including Wo Wo Group, Groupon, 24 coupons and other domestic group purchase website has started a new wave of layoffs. According to industry sources, the country’s top ten buy site, there are 70% layoffs. These sites are also the purpose of layoffs in order to control the cost, to encourage the winter.

buy site launched a number of IPO survival

actually, IPO is the number of group purchase website to start the first half of this year agree without prior without previous consultation, with the mother company, glutinous rice nets all listed on the United States, Wo Wo Group and manzuo were also developed by the end of next year and the listing plan. Group purchase originator Groupon is also currently roadshow, will be listed on the NASDAQ in November 4th. These sites are also without exception in a state of loss. Glutinous rice network in the second quarter of the year net loss of $4 million 500 thousand. Groupon cumulative operating loss reached $540 million 200 thousand.

According to the

Beijing IT channel reporter, to maintain the normal operation of a group purchase website, need 5 million yuan of operating costs for a year, which means that every month turnover of online group purchase platform to reach more than 5 million yuan. But at present, almost no website can do. Large scale advertising bombing, hiring a large number of spokesmen and crazy enclosure has become the mainstream trend of the current group buying. To earn money also wantonly burn, loss of group purchase website is not hard to understand.

According to the "JINGWAH

times" reported that the full network CEO Feng Xiaohai said that the recent group purchase industry downturn is due to the fact that some venture capital group purchase website with the early blind expansion caused very serious, with the group purchase into the winter, financing difficulties, the greater the greater the consumption of capital group purchase website, more dangerous, is expected this year there will be some support could collapse.

buy market growth stalled

handle net loss is not a separate phenomenon, >

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