Zong Ning war child near the end babe network can have the last laugh

babe network announced the completion of $100 million D round of financing, give the industry a shot in the arm, the recent electricity supplier in the field of the overall low, in addition to the 618, not much highlights what, at this time, the vertical babe network in the fourth round of financing, also in some areas that will be a foregone conclusion.

three years into the ten billion club, Zhang Lianglun ambition

Zhang Lianglun is a low-key and pragmatic young people, but it has a very strong momentum, in third years (that is, babe network this year, he is expected to be completed) GMV (total transactions) more than ten billion, becoming the fastest Chinese into ten billion club business platform. Before this, Taobao was founded 4 years after the turnover of billions of Jingdong, founded 7 years after billions, vip.com spent 6 years pass through ten billion club, the three companies, Zhang Lianglun is always concerned about the standard enterprise, but also a detailed analysis of the characteristics of several companies.

that is, Taobao and Jingdong are in the completion of the 10 billion GMV, after about three years of rapid access to the club of the 100 billion, although vip.com slowed a little, but it is also a matter of time. Another to tell you is that when Taobao big Jingdong, still rely on the vertical 3C started to cut into the market, and eventually become a comprehensive platform, the current Jingdong 3C products accounted for only a little more than 50%, while vip.com is in Taobao and Jingdong are very strong, through the sale of this mode rise. So the conclusion is that before the success of the electricity supplier giant, are vertical electricity supplier started, and once the integrated electricity supplier, the results will be greatly increased, while the proportion of the main products will be reduced to about 50%.

2015 babe network GMV has reached 4 billion, according to the current rate of growth, this year is bound to GMV will exceed 10 billion. As a vertical electric babe network non maternal and child category have accounted for nearly 40%. Zhang Lianglun did not say, nature is babe network will become a Jingdong, Taobao or vip.com.

Yiqijuechen, babe network in where


is the vertical babe network website, but in fact the user activity is very high, in 2016 May there are 15 million vertical mobile users, 11 million active users exclusive babe network. You can see the data from TalkingData babe net more than three times behind the sum of nine, more than 70% vertical electricity supplier market share. From another comparison data, on behalf of the company, another vertical electricity supplier of jumei.com, in 2015 earnings is about 7 billion 400 million yuan, if no accident, this is the basic and Babe network tie or by more than the situation. So babe network data and the value is very good, which also makes investors to babe network support is very strong. Babe network has been the Gao Rong capital investment four times, three times and IDG capital investment capital today, there are two investment in New Horizon Capital, the veteran venture capital also joined in the northern lights. From this point of view, in the vertical electricity supplier

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