Micro blog electricity supplier to provoke WeChat short link social networking easier said than done

[IT Time editor’s note] WeChat access to the entrance of the Jingdong, WeChat shop on the line, the concept of social electricity supplier to stimulate the waves of micro-blog nerve. Now Sina micro-blog finally himself, once again force electricity providers, micro-blog station open payment function, hoping to create a short link of social power. But the idea is very good, but it is really easy to implement it, the author of this paper as a senior electricity supplier observers, give us an analysis of the Sina micro-blog electricity supplier can be implemented and will face problems.


June 5th, Sina micro-blog announced this month at the end of the station open micro-blog to pay, without limitation of enterprises and institutions in the past have operating licenses certified general real name authentication account and personal account, all micro-blog registered users can apply for access, which means the ability of micro-blog’s personal and corporate accounts receivable will have and trading. Users in the third party platform micro sell upload product photos, the establishment of the home page and link to micro-blog. After the user opens the commodity link, you can enter the payment link to complete the transaction.

micro-blog social electricity supplier significance

Sina micro-blog seems to be achieved through the flow of information, the flow of funds in micro-blog to create a closed loop electricity supplier, to explore the social electricity supplier has taken an important step. And just a few days ago, WeChat has just released the WeChat store features, shaking the entire electricity business. If micro-blog business process goes well, this will provide complete access to the micro-blog fans realized, alleviate the large public number UGC WeChat fled, also can stimulate the existing micro-blog large manufacturing are more valuable to activate fan activity.

in addition, with the on-line micro-blog electricity supplier, micro-blog said that the fans through advertising platform will be open to all users, which will activate more electricity supplier micro-blog advertising demand, greatly promoting the micro-blog advertising revenue growth.

micro-blog electricity supplier who will take the lead in revenue


micro-blog open to all users to pay and sell the interface, some critics believe that this means that everyone can play the electricity supplier, the era of universal electricity supplier arrived. The veteran’s point of view, micro-blog electricity supplier will be the first to benefit from the business enterprise, followed by the big V who, and left to the small amount of white fans who do not have much chance.

business owners do not lack of products and funds, the lack of sales channels, including how to introduce the flow, how to achieve payment. Micro-blog has fans pass through the through flow into the barrier, but also realized the micro-blog payment transaction closed loop through the binding of alipay. To master a lot of fans resources star celebrity big V who, they are Sina micro-blog to maintain the main force active, most of them is the lack of fan flow of resources, but the lack of product operation ability, and not every V are like the Cang teacher has the same design "Spakeys air support series of underwear team". Ordinary white users, in order to break the micro-blog electricity supplier will be more difficult to solve the problem, the first is to flow into, into the stable period to.

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