What the t is all up with Newegg at Jingdong

from the beginning of this year, new egg network will be fully localized, by the local people as CEO, increase market investment, efforts to catch up with the Jingdong store…… This is a few months ago, learned in newegg. Allegedly, after – by the headquarters has been firmly in control, the gang do not know China market leaders to delay development of newegg.

anyway, there’s no regret in this world. Now the Newegg, can not return to a few years ago, that has unlimited vision of the golden age. With the rise of the Jingdong store, Newegg continues to sink, and increasingly reduced, was eventually put forward the first echelon. In a very long period of time, in addition to professional electricity supplier, almost not outsiders. Although in various business rankings, can see the occasional Newegg figure. But asked me the senior online shopping, but they do not know why the new network is. Therefore, Newegg brand awareness of how weak.


in China online shopping started, Newegg really took the initiative. But the Jingdong has been off mall, take defensive measures to keep their own third of an acre, as long as there is to eat on the line. In the meat strong eat the weak market, Newegg obviously underestimated opponent, also underestimated the market China. With the rapid development of e-commerce in China, Newegg has a splendid flower of yesterday. Once the It is all up with Newegg, is now catching up to the Jingdong, do not know – what? By this wrapper of the United States, or by virtue of their years of work in the mainland


the last time Newegg, I learned a new network information, to the comprehensive development of Home Furnishing life must come up. When I heard the news, my mind came up with Jingdong. This is the so-called counter – means? If only from the commodity up than the Jingdong, I think the new network is no chance. A Jingdong with the same Newegg, not completely their own characteristics, how is it possible to catch up with the Jingdong? Say characteristics, I think there is a fast and easy network characteristics, the speed of delivery of people in class. Can – where the advantages of Jingdong than with


e-commerce first recognized brand. In the domestic online shopping crowd, apart from the Taobao B2C store, the first is the Jingdong store, then may think of newegg. And then consumers than the price. I have been compared in Jingdong and Newegg, many goods cheaper than new Jingdong, but also only in the lane, the outside world does not know. This is a reflection of Newegg is more important to spread word of mouth. How online is that Jingdong is cheap, but few people say new cheaper? Is the final logistics service. The Jingdong was able to Shuaixia Newegg, or Jingdong to develop the logistics. Jingdong is now not so much e-commerce, as the logistics company. While Newegg, is still a so-called electronic commerce company. This is a world of difference. Logistics companies can directly access to consumers, and e-commerce companies can only contact through the cable.

so, I personally do not optimistic about the Jingdong’s counterattack on Newegg

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