Taobao Chen Zhaohui now do cross border C2C logistics into key issues

Chen Zhaohui said that over the past few years, we have seen explosive growth China e-commerce, Taobao is taking advantage of the wind, over the past few years there have been more than three times the growth of the Taobao C2C, B2C can be said to have a very big field. I want to take a home, in the electronic commerce transaction volume last year of C is probably accounted for the total retail sales of 2% in the world, including South Korea, the United States is more than 5%, or even 10%. So in such a large market space, I think a big chance is not too big.

talking about the electronic commerce, as the name suggests, is the electronic and business is divided into two parts, some rules have a little bit of the electronic part of the Internet, the more easily has the function of convergence, in fact a single relatively a little possible. But the business side of the back is by no means a big one. If you want to talk about the opportunity, I think we may want to compete with Taobao in the C2C market is not very easy. But in other places, such as B2C, including access to intermediate service, from the traditional industry to the Internet. This part has a lot of opportunities, we currently have a Taobao Amoy plan, which we define and many roles, such as IT access, access operations, such as these services the above payment is behind the logistics have a chance, I think if the whole electronic commerce to a single large is not possible.

Chen Zhaohui said, speaking from the amount of certain platform will be great, because the platform is brought together all big brands, so in the amount of platform may be more attractive, but do platform is indeed relatively high threshold, because under the current situation to do Taobao, such as the United States this on eBay and Amazon taiwan. But in fact, the Amazon in the first 6 years are not profitable, it has been very large investment in warehousing, logistics system, spent a lot of money, including the background of the IT system. I think now in China, I do not know that you have a lot of VCs here, we have the patience to make a platform to grow, 6 years are not profitable, and then it broke out, grew up. If you as an entrepreneur, if you do not have a strong financial support, it is difficult for you to stick to seventh years, so we must adhere to tomorrow night, because others are dead, the day after tomorrow was left winner.

I think this is the venture capital investment, there are some aspects may come from the support of the government, including a part of the things mentioned above, we can see another, in Chinese just mentioned, like every guest selling bags, these relatively small point, these things are called "net goods brand" these things a lot, but also net goods brand out of a problem. In fact it’s website, like every guest, from the beginning of the men’s clothing, now began to do more level, and it is now also opened a new platform website. Because to do a brand, you need to get the flow from the perspective of the market, these flows to your conversion rate, because you only have a brand, you >

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