Suning nternet supermarket set a goal to catch up with the first 3 years

Beijing morning news (reporter Liu Yinghua) the decline of traditional supermarket, online, "supermarket" has become a a hotly contested spot. At the supplier conference held yesterday, Suning to its own Internet supermarket business to develop a strategic objective of nine times the annual growth rate, and said it will overtake the first shop in the past 3 years. By the end of 2013, Beijing, Tianjin consumers will be able to buy Suning fresh food.

general manager Su ningyun million in Carrefour supermarket company Meiji office, he said, traditional stores and pure electricity providers have their own difficulties, to connect online and offline Internet retail is the future is about to leave the ship.

According to

reports, Suning supermarket contains online platform and offline stores two channels, online platform is mainly based on, the line is in the main store, Suning Plaza micro square shop and service station uses "virtual entity +" mode of operation.

for profit, Wan Meiji said a simple trading model is not suitable for the Internet, the real profit model is the wool out of the pig. After the supermarket attracted users, users may purchase tourism, finance and other products." One shop and other specialized supermarket category is difficult to profit through this model.

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