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in the history of the development of e-commerce, Amazon is one can be classified as teaching website, is in the present case, Amazon is still a great influence, is the strength of the site, at the same time, we also clearly remember, one of our most excellent start is also the pioneer of B2C, according to the truth, right now Amazon, after several years of operation, should play the leading role, but the fact about


today saw a Nelson’s 2009 survey of online shopping, according to the research China 8 core city under the age of 45, 2826 of Internet users found that China users cognition for the shopping website, in the cognition of silent cognition and overall prompt, respectively to 54% and 93% in the B2C shopping site first. Research in the netizen B2C shopping website browsing behavior in the past three months through proportion of the respondents reached 48%, ranked first; 75% of the respondents had browsed In the B2C shopping site for the user behavior (i.e. buying behavior) research in the past year with the proportion of B2C users reached 38%, and the frequent use of the proportion of users has reached 26%, the two indexes in all B2C website ranked first. Collect network essence · service Zhejiang stationmaster!

data is boring, but it can be very clear that Amazon competition in the Chinese market, at least so far, still did not account for any opportunities.

can ask why.

looked around, in fact very many such examples, such as we are familiar with the C2C market, before eBay in having eBay car, and competition between Taobao, after a few years, Taobao is not only far behind, even eBay himself quits; while Google in the world is also strong, failed to help him beat Baidu in Chinese; and MySpace, Facebook in China, even the second row not far; not to mention QQ beat ICQ experience.

of course, every international brands to enter the Chinese failure, all have their own reasons, can not be generalized, then the eyes are still struggling to support the Amazon


to investigate Amazon has been unable to defeat Dangdang reason, there may be the following.

first is the sensitivity to China market decreased after the joint venture, that blindly copy the Amazon in the world has been mature and successful business model, this is not a problem of Amazon, all entered the China brands in the world are basically not very good at this point do, some aware of it point constantly corrected, such as Google, some monotonous refused to change, such as the eBay, and the Amazon also get rid of this problem, China operators suggestions and opinions and not pay enough attention to the Amazon, or >

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