Suning 818 Festival cohesion PPTV TV 65C2 have a fever summer is your most burning

annual Suning 818 fever Festival came as one of the top three Internet business platform carnival, the promotion of the hot section of the game continued to play, continue to stimulate the enthusiasm of consumers buying. This is the panic buying in many 3C TV products, to 4K, the 65 inch big screen, only 3999 yuan price listing but both configuration and performance of the cohesion PPTV TV 65C2 became the new TV "Star" of the explosion.


it is reported that this year, Suning 818 fever festival will continue to launch the "four City Star fever night", "net red live experience lying", "the team of the dream of the carnival of the 818", the theme of the fever "lying on the top of the head" of the three". During the event, will be invited to the star LED fans camp, were composed of different themes "have a fever the day group, to the north of Guangzhou, Suning stores, fans interactive live SHOW; at the same time, also invited 818 tennis red in August 17th to open simultaneously have a fever Festival live, issued 818 million yuan worth of red envelopes to the tens of millions of fans have a fever. Play so much, this year, Suning 818 festival will undoubtedly have a fever, "burn" more hot, as on-site activities of the most "burn" TV products, PPTV65C2 is full of people cohesion of this product is full of curiosity.

cohesion PPTV TV 65C2 regardless of the hardware configuration, content resources, or price and other aspects have absolutely excellent features. The hardware configuration, the cohesion PPTV65C2 is equipped with a 65 inch 4K very clear screen, screen resolution of 3840*2160, large storage space and high performance CPU processor, making both live events or play online sources can bring super high quality and smooth without Caton viewing experience. On the voice, Dolby Digtal plus decoding +dbx-tv smart sound combination, can bring the whole family theater like shock sound.

home for such TV configuration, in the gold sports season is really going to fly! The Rio Olympics, Holland, Premier League, La Liga after the opening, hundreds of wonderful events shock hit, keep the cohesion PPTV 65 inch TV 4K very clear before the big screen to watch the game, like the scene in the event, the athletes vigorous figure the audience, the cries of passion, every picture, every kind of sound through the 65C2 perfect, let you completely immersed in the sports events of stimulation. Not only that, PPTV cohesion on the August Olympic Games also made a careful and comprehensive preparation. The line "Rio", "Olympic Games" panorama and many other file homemade programs, exclusive analysis of Olympic Games and beyond, fun with your football tournament, the Rio Olympic Games; live HD and with the North Vietnamese Shen Jian Fang Nan Lou + such commentary team, let you enjoy the top soccer.


hardware + content + PFP price, cohesion PPTV TV 65C2 will undoubtedly become the fever festival in the most burn that, of course, be able to harvest such a market

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