The B2B website the enterprise library small and medium sized enterprises paradise

B2B website in recent years, the rapid development of more and more small and medium enterprises, began to use B2B website for promotion. In the B2B site, the highest frequency of use of the procurement and product channels, while the B2B site Enterprise Library channel is easily overlooked. According to the 6 years of B2B experience in website promotion, how to use the B2B website "the enterprise library" this place to talk about small and medium sized enterprises.

Analysis of the status quo of

1 and B2B website "Enterprise Library"

large domestic B2B sites, such as Alibaba, the world’s factory network, Chinese suppliers have built a corporate library channel. B2B site in general by way of enterprises to expand the enterprise library, but due to traffic, visibility, capital and other factors, the enterprise library collection of the enterprise is difficult to comprehensive. According to the author, in the B2B site, only the world’s factory network global enterprise library, through the enterprise settled and artificial included two ways to complete the enterprise library information expansion. This ensures that the timeliness and comprehensiveness of the information contained in the enterprise, can effectively meet the needs of small and medium enterprises on the enterprise library information.

2, B2B website "Enterprise Library" utilization

B2B website "Enterprise Library", must be able to effectively meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises on the information search query, information display, information dissemination, image promotion, etc., in order to play its due role. For example, in the factory of the world network of small and medium-sized enterprises in the global enterprise library, users can conduct real-time registration and change of enterprise information, and according to different industries and regions, accurate search, screening of enterprise information, and can release the latest industry information or recruitment information. Bidding and keyword ranking and other advertising services, but also the world’s most important functions of the global network of enterprise library. B2B site Enterprise Library has a lot of features, as long as the small and medium-sized enterprises can make good use of these features, you can receive a lot of unexpected results.

Analysis on the effect of

3 and B2B website "Enterprise Library"

B2B site enterprise library brings together the most comprehensive enterprise information platform B2B electricity supplier, the flow of a huge, high weight, the release of information can be quickly collected smes. In the world factory network global enterprise library, the user released the information, the general day of Baidu can be included, and will give a high weight, and even beyond the enterprise master, ranking first. Up to now, the world’s factory network, a total of 2300 enterprises in the world library included a number of enterprises to protect the adequacy of the number of enterprises and the comprehensiveness of information. As long as the small and medium-sized enterprises can make full use of the information and function, will be able to bring more and more orders.

B2B website "the enterprise library" is the B2B website information base for all small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing is required, is a lucky place for small and medium sized enterprises. Only realize this, make full use of it, the network marketing of small and medium enterprises will be more and more wide.

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