Zhengzhou 5 years to build advanced e commerce applications

to 2015, large enterprise e-commerce penetration rate of 100%, online purchase rate of 60%, online payment companies reached 40%, foster 2~3 e-commerce platform in the country more influential, make our city become the advanced city in the electronic commerce application. Yesterday, the municipal government issued the "e-commerce development planning outline" put forward this goal.

1/4 enterprise application e-commerce

Zhengzhou attaches great importance to the development of information technology and e-commerce. As of the end of 2008, broadband access to the basic coverage of urban users, Internet users reached 1 million 76 thousand. Above scale industrial enterprises and commercial enterprises above the limit, has been carried out in the electronic commerce application more than 1/4 of the enterprises, nearly 1/3 enterprise e-commerce implementation plan, a number of local shopping websites or online mall began to emerge.

5 years after half of large enterprises to achieve online sales

"compendium" put forward, to 2015, and strive to large enterprise e-commerce penetration rate reached 100%, the key industry gathering area of e-commerce penetration rate reached 90%, the small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce penetration rate reached 70%; strive to online purchases of large enterprises accounted for the proportion of the total procurement reached 60%. 1/3 large enterprises into e-commerce production, supply, sales and management integration stage, some enterprises to achieve full collaborative e-commerce.

strive to cultivate 2~3 home in the country has a strong influence on e-commerce service platform. Strive to cultivate e-commerce professionals about 12000 people, the training of e-commerce application technology about 30000 people. After 5 years of efforts, the city has become the country’s advanced e-commerce applications.

The construction of

e-commerce service platform

outline, to support the "ten big business e-commerce service platform construction, namely the enterprise e-commerce advisory service platform, as well as for the automotive, food, aluminum coal, trade logistics, equipment manufacturing, textile, building materials, pump and modern agriculture in Zhengzhou City nine industries service e-commerce platform.

according to the plan, starting in 2010, every two years to elect 100 e-commerce to carry out better demonstration enterprises, the municipal government to give incentives. Encourage small and medium enterprises to develop e-commerce applications. Every two years to encourage and support ten thousand small and medium enterprises (including college students e-commerce venture micro enterprises) to carry out e-commerce applications.

set up special funds to support

from the beginning of this year, in Zhengzhou City Industrial Development to guide the establishment of special funds for the development of electronic commerce in the capital, for "ten enterprise e-commerce service platform construction, the construction of electronic business personnel, establish a sound e-commerce support system, strengthen the propaganda and popularization of e-commerce, promote the development of electronic commerce.

at the same time, will support and guide financial institutions to eligible e-commerce companies and e-commerce application projects to provide loans to support venture capital >

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