The key to success is to buy network users

on the network group purchase, I have been concerned about, from the fence net building materials to the group purchase group purchase net love a band even to the Thousand Oaks group purchase rice network, but said the success of the case is not in the network group purchase, but ask how much is the proportion of success. First, please look at the data interface: House statistics found that five of the group purchase site before sales accounted for more than 60% of the overall market, to account for over 80% of the top ten, the remaining hundreds only got about the remaining 20% orders.

from the above data we find that the rest of the hundreds if not able to have new ideas, their results are close as can be imagined, even we are not difficult to find now most of the group purchase website is crustily skin support! Here we analyze the successful case of

network group purchase

fence network: 1 in the form of the community exists, customer consumption is clear and sticky

2 set up earlier than the time – 2003 entrepreneurship and Taobao is the same year

3 buy products clear – mainly building materials

4 to Shanghai, Beijing and other cities as the basic point – a large base of users, building materials consumption market

5 Web site official services – compared to the huge advantages of personal consumption

: 1 in Qijia network information service form, has great attraction for


2 founded relatively early – 2005

3 buy products clear – home building materials

4 to Shanghai and other cities as the basic point

Improvement of

5 service guarantee system

: glutinous rice glutinous rice network network is based on, and other media resources of Qianxiang group purchase website, founded: June 23, 2010 officially launched

Ability to lead

1 and network’s target customers.

2 a lot of money to support, as well as professional operations manager – Thousand Oaks, vice president Shen Boyang.

3 to Beijing and other cities as the basic point.

4 has its own model of innovation – do not charge any promotional fees merchant, the merchant’s selection is quite harsh.

here we can find their common ground for success:

1 is built on the basis of site traffic or a large customer base or a strong ability to guide.

2 are based on first tier cities

3 service support system is very perfect


from most of the successful operation of the network group purchase, they don’t need much advertising costs, because the network group purchase product is relatively simple, so this will lead to the advertising and profit is not directly proportional! So the most basic point of success in the group purchase website, if you have.

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