Wang Shouyi who is changing a new round of business

70s 80s, the supply and marketing cooperatives, department store, supermarket, supermarkets in 90s, commercial development rules are changing, only keep pace with the market trend of rapid change, in order to win the future; the traditional commercial product channel is the box movement, from the product from the factory to the wholesale, wholesale, wholesale and then moved to the county terminal consumers, for example a pair of sports shoes factory price is 80 yuan, to the province, city, county and other layers of personnel costs, store rent, advertising, basic operations and other costs and profits, to the final consumers, is 200-300 yuan. Reduce intermediate links were once called, then began to rise, join the chain, monopoly and other forms, has entered the stage of brand development, under the banner of "customer-centric, customer is God" and so on, are tactical commercial fix rules; in recent years many so-called big brands because of quality problems, resulting in damage to consumers and dragged on longer is a rare, even worse is the cause of poisoning and death, finally also not that it is not a minority, "It is often seen. shop" bully behavior; who is the business mistakes frequently pay, ignorance of consumption; businesses mistake 1% of consumers is 100% behind the brand is many! A take a loss of consumer confidence! Who decide the future of the enterprise market? This is not the answer, but the answer was good and No good will determine the future of the company, because you are not the only option; with the same competition intensifies, the consumption trend of information get in by every opening today, the new consumer is changing, from ignorance to cognition to rational development, quality, integrity, service, low price is a new foundation for the development of business line, fast flexible and low cost will be a watershed in new business development.

e-commerce is changing a new round of business

no limit of time and space, flexible, convenient, interactive and other advantages of the Internet is the Internet; sixteen years of development in Chinese, the number of Internet users was 3.84 Chinese billion for three consecutive years to maintain the first in the world. Review the development of the Internet in the first ten years, from 1996 to July 2006 China users from 100 thousand to 123 million, in July 2007 the number of Internet users reached 162 million, the number of Internet users increased by 31.7% (39 million), July 2008 Chinese the number of Internet users reached 253 million, the growth of Internet users increased 56.1% (91 million), more than the United States ranked first in the world, China in December 31, 2009 the number of Internet users reached 384 million, is expected in 2010 Chinese users is expected to exceed 430 million; about 3.5 people out of a network of users, the size of the market decide how much of the number, the number of the growth rate of market growth rate decision; Ministry of commerce data show that in 2006 the amount of 1 trillion and 100 billion China e-commerce, e-commerce transactions in 2008 3 trillion and 100 billion, every year to speed more than 80% in growth, the authority of the Department in 2010 China e-commerce transaction volume will exceed 15 trillion.

with the development of commercial market competition

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