The financial crisis brought rare development opportunity for 2B E commerce

recently, the Internet published a survey report on the application of e-commerce in China 07-08 SMEs: a lasted 3 months, the domestic Internet has been the main investigation report.


report shows: 36.49% of the surveyed companies believe that the most confusing problem in e-commerce is "do not know how to start" and "do not know how to do a good job".

I2B the current e-commerce is still in the period of enlightenment, as to provide i2b e-commerce services to search for shellfish network of small and medium enterprises, facing the biggest problem is how to train and guide the correct use of small and medium-sized enterprises, I2B e-commerce platform, and how to make the I2B a new marketing model, marketing for small orders the enterprise accepted, how to change the traditional marketing concepts such as small and medium sized enterprises." Search network president Zhao Zeyu’s remarks to the bay of small and medium-sized enterprises have pointed out a new development ideas.

Zhao Zeyu believes that the impact of the current financial crisis, will bring to China’s emerging e-commerce industry is a rare opportunity for development. The traditional small and medium-sized enterprise sales channel is facing great challenges and difficulties, I2B e-commerce will provide more new marketing ideas and new sales channels for smes.

iResearch released research report, the use of electronic commerce in the small and medium enterprises, the survival rate in the economic crisis, 5 times higher than the traditional enterprises, to seize the market demand of the enterprise, the performance of more than 20% peers.

these factors are in the direction of promoting the development of e-commerce in China’s smes.

as the first I2B e-commerce search platform, search Bei network feel this positive factor is more obvious, 08 years, once launched, it will be praised by the majority of small and medium enterprises and industry experts. With the new ideas and excellent service, more accurate and more efficient, highlight the "SOBEI search Pui it consumer demand data search engine" professional search advantage.

in the event of less than a year on the line, it will make a huge response. After the new version of the line in May this year, just 2 months, there will be a registered user of more than 5 thousand, the release of the purchase of more than 13 thousand and 872 information, a large number of small and medium enterprises began to use search service.

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