The development trend of NFC near field payment

The popularity of

intelligent mobile phone has promoted the development of mobile Internet, mobile Internet users and the use of time is to the traditional Internet approach, along with the huge user groups to change habits, mobile payment gradually become a substantial market, and the near field payment has been placed high hopes.

according to the first quarter of the data show that the NFC is expected to pay third yuan in the near end of the mobile payment market in the amount of transactions accounted for less than 2.7%, accounting for less, how many people some accidents. The people’s Bank of Chinese officially announced the mobile payment standard will use 13.56MHz NFC technology as the standard in December 2012, in fact, as early as in 2012 June, the use of NFC as a mobile payment standard basically established, the time that NFC has already begun with the popularization of intelligent mobile phone, there are many mobile phone users have NFC function modules. The near-field payment accounted for why so suck


payment system is not independent, it needs to participate in the completion of the entire payment process. With NFC smart card mobile payment terminals, but there is no corresponding mobile payment collection place, so that people can not achieve mobile payments. Currently, each of the electricity supplier for the development of the mobile Internet scramble to seize the seats, the development of near field payment is still in the stage of industrial layout, the use of life where little. The most common application is to brush the bus and subway, shopping malls and convenience stores and other places where we often do not have to improve the corresponding hardware facilities, the site and public places are not many electronic tags. According to my opinion, Taobao has made electronic tags to each product, the user can use the electronic label to promote their products in other shops, public see most of the electronic tags are two-dimensional code companies WeChat, can be used for direct scanning electronic label little direct payment.

industry people are aware of mobile payment is a big cake, can not keep up with the pace of development means that this big cake missed, I believe many online and offline businesses are also actively planning layout.

when life has become a habit, how can easily change, even if the change is also need to pay the price. The traditional electronic commerce to people’s consumer attitudes and habits from the bottom line to attract this process line from March 1998, China first Internet online business success to date, spent nearly 10 years to be completed, this time is the price. It’s time to change people’s spending habits. Although science and technology development is faster than before, people’s cultural level is generally higher than before, but it is not 32 days to allow consumers to complete the change in consumer attitudes. According to the current popularity of smart phones and the speed of development, as well as people’s cultural level, it is expected to be completed by 2015 to traditional consumer groups and consumer behavior changes in consumer behavior.

near field payment is the fastest and most secure mobile payment method in the field of mobile payment. With the popularity of smart phones, mobile payment technology

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