The trend of 3C video Jingdong hi purchase ten brands with price hit Festival

since April 7th, since the Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival officially kicked off, a variety of preferential Marriott surprises; especially the digital business sector, promotion is to allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of There was no parallel in history.. It is reported that in April 20th, digital will be more heavy play video flow hi purchase Festival, that day to promote quality class activities, Beats, Sennheiser, SONY, the JBL and other ten brands audience on the "price"! Multiple concessions, concessions in the end, must make you scream hi to burst! In addition, during the event, explosion 1 yuan, half off huge benefits seckill everything, white 12 interest free easy purchase without pressure. This activity is only 1 days, for the love of music, you can not miss the quality,



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audience burst straight down Doss Bluetooth speaker one yuan seconds

Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival video category of products, the explosion models straight down, Doss Bluetooth speaker one yuan seckill zoom trick magic sound headset; half off concessions, innovative Sound Blaster sound gongs as low as 799 yuan, 949 yuan S1000 saunterer Bluetooth speaker AKG K3003 headset, as long as 4999 yuan, the value is not



ten brand puts price beats 12 free


during the event, beats, Sennheiser, SONY, SKG, JBL, PHILPS, Jabra, Edifier, iron triangle, Hivi ten brands on big release price. Among them, the purchase of beats products can enjoy Jingdong 12 ious free policy; video of commodities for ious coupons, coupons to buy products enjoy full cut deals, and Beijing coupons, coupons east use superposition. The current video hey rob Festival, not only can let have super real feast for the eyes and ears, and more with ultra affordable price to buy the heart.

video April 20th trend hi rob section, more concessions, 1 yuan, half off discount, seckill ious 12 period interest free, superimposed ious full cut coupons. April video together, together with the cool buy it in the end!

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