Zhejiang Province the introduction of the first open shop name for the students file

open shop is equal to the self-employed? "Taobao" light highig "surprised to hear this news," ah "sound.

"light highig" are the students of Zhejiang University of Technology majoring in art, whose real name is Han Tingting. In order to find a decent job, she is now ready to turn off the shop practice. A little reluctant, my shop can earn one thousand or two thousand yuan per month".

June 2nd, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education issued a "Notice of light highig" unexpected ": Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education Office of university graduates engaged in electronic commerce (shop) to notice" entrepreneurship recognized, which means that the operation of the shop, no business license of the college students, as well as business the store is regarded as college students, entrepreneurship.

"as education departments, we recognize the online business, hope that the local government departments also introduced a number of supporting policies, so that the network of college students can enjoy the same and entrepreneurship support policies." Provincial Department of education student teacher explained.

The first

shop to name the file


yesterday, the reporter on the website of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of education, the school to see the Zhejiang Education [2009] document No. 80. The document, to meet the "college graduates engaged in electronic commerce (shop) in the process of operation, the credit score reaches 1000 points, favorable rate (the percentage of the number of praise and transaction number) in more than 98%; the monthly income of the local minimum wage standards; engaged in electronic commerce (shop) business hours in three months or more; must be in Colleges and universities the graduates themselves registered" these four conditions have been determined for self employment, employment of college graduates can enjoy equal treatment, according to the common flexible employment of college graduates employment report shall go through the relevant formalities.

reporter specifically asked the credit score reached 1000 points meaning. Miao teacher played an analogy to Taobao, for example, the equivalent of three diamonds, the credit level, that is to achieve a good business of 1001 pen. However, 1000 credit points commonly used in a number of online trading platforms, including Taobao, EBAY, pat Network, etc..

Han Tingting in the "notice" looked at her own registered business shop has opened for two years, from 99.73%, a monthly income of one thousand or two thousand yuan, certainly more than the Hangzhou’s basic living standard, still more than and 100 transactions, will be able to rise three drill. "When I graduated from the shop, up to three drill, it is regarded as a job?" she doesn’t believe.

Yiwu has a lot of students shop owner

reporter noted that at the beginning of the file, special mention of Yiwu.

in the Department of education before the introduction of this notice, our school on their own provisions of the network ‘own business’ standard. For example, Taobao shop, you must get the ‘four diamond’". Yiwu province is the first Dean of Career Academy Jia Shaohua and encourage students to a wide range.

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