The analysis of group buying mode in hundred regiments

June 12th, Hao123 home site owned by Baidu announced, in order to meet the majority of Internet users rising of group purchase enthusiasm and demand, both the group purchase website guide and direct purchase group purchase commodity channel function in Hao123 group purchase page officially launched. It is obvious that the group is now popular in China, there are forty or fifty well-known, plus some non mainstream estimates have been more than and 100, can be described as a hundred regiments".

buy as a result of the ability to participate in groups to get high quality and low price of goods and favored by users. Some institutions predict that in 2010 China’s online shopping transaction size will reach 980 million yuan, the number of buy site turnover will show a rapid growth trend. Similarly, according to the world’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu monitoring, daily search for Internet users to buy the relevant keywords growing, Internet users are concerned about the group’s enthusiasm and enthusiasm. These are also the original intention of the Baidu HAO123 launch page, the goal is to help the majority of users interested in the Internet to find easy to find.

buy site entrepreneurs crazy, because the United States buy network Groupon. April 19th, the Russian investment company DST consortium to invest $135 million to Groupon, the valuation of Groupon reached a record $1 billion 350 million. Not only in China, but also a lot of Groupon global plagiarism. At the end of March this year, the United States has 66 copycat Groupon. Worldwide, such as the Snippa,, in Germany, Brazil’s Hill Bano also have full of sound and colour.


today seem to be a group purchase prospect is bright, but experts pointed out that the Chinese group purchase website blind at this stage in the period of rapid growth, the market access threshold low, group purchase website emerging in a short period of time, commercial scale, in the strategic business model, the operation of the market is not yet clear, will inevitably encounter in the short term the brutal competition in the market, through the throes of industrial development. Li Kaifu, chairman and CEO of Innovation workshop, also said that there will be a maximum of two dominant situation.

several buy site after nearly two months to buy goods list, I feel very disappointed. The first is to buy a few types of businesses on the site, that is, the website and business cooperation is very limited, the upstream resources can be dug up, you can see the list of very few very few quality businesses. A total of 89 products to buy nearly 90% service class. These services and catering products and entertainment industry as the most important, the structure is too simple, indicating that the site is not attractive to other merchants.

category is very disappointed, the service is a single

buy site launched these catering and entertainment services, but also most of the small consumption, basically 100 yuan or less, the total transaction volume is difficult to expand the site. This may be with China’s per capita consumption level of e-commerce has been >

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