Raiders explore the new era of coastal E commerce


from Jiangxi just graduated college, after graduation to find work, he opened a shop on the Internet, but not familiar with e-commerce operation skills, and no work experience, his shop to put up the shutters in the end.

look back on their own experience, Xiao Li said: at that time, just thinking about doing the boss, but simply do not know how to operate, do not understand the operation of the network management procedures and business philosophy. Therefore, I would like to learn the knowledge of network marketing." Not long ago, Li Ying clothing wholesale market of Electronic Commerce Street took a shop when the boss. Once again set foot on the road of network marketing.

in fact, in the tide of electronic commerce to the time coastal people, many people are eager to shop marketing mode, however, once the real contact, a lot of people are facing the source of funds, the selection of goods, purchase channels, mailing, packaging, inventory risk, customer service experience in sales service and a series of problems. In this regard, some people have fallen, some people crossed over, more in the exploration of the attempt…… The online shop is not good but no harm, the shop product classification, management has a lot of skill, these problems for investors and buyers both sides will mean a certain risk.

many people want to do poineering work through the network in the dark way, but many people ignore the point, all sorts of gestures pioneers in the front row, itself is a vivid textbook book.

although the Changan mold industry reputation, but the case is still too little to get business opportunities through network marketing." Changan Lianguan Group Marketing Director Xiao Chengyu told reporters, from the beginning of 2008, Changan mold industry increased the focus of publicity, which, through industry magazine advertising and exhibition is to enhance the visibility of the two main ways, along with the network economy growing in Dongguan coastal area of impact, no single entity marketing channel effect is not obvious. There are many bosses have the idea to build e-commerce platform, but the specific action is still less.

in fact, Lianguan has invited the group’s brand customers to create a joint platform for e-commerce, but many customer awareness in this area is still relatively weak, the crown appeal did not get a positive response.

in this regard, Xiao Chengyu said, to build e-commerce platform for the public, the government needs to credibility and authority of its strong positive guidance and support, which is conducive to the integration of resources and information dissemination. However, the government’s investment in this area is relatively small. It is understood that the people of Changan die & mold industry mainly from Zhejiang and Taiwan, the boss has extreme practices puzzling for electronic commerce: that is when the enterprise has a certain scale, their investment to establish their own web site; otherwise, they are not doing what network promotion.

compared to the Changan mold industry in the development of e-commerce is not a step forward. Also in the coastal areas of Humen’s garment industry in the field of electronic commerce has made B2B the rash and too much in haste, long ago (business to business) "

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