How to plan the sales system of B2B e commerce website

phone sales is one of the most common B2B e-commerce sites, one of the most important means of sales. Good telephone sales management, increase sales, is each of the B2B electronic commerce website operators are most concerned about. In particular, the new construction of the B2B industry e-commerce sites, there is no basis for the establishment of a sales office in accordance with the strength of the region, can only be conducted in all regions of the country telephone sales. Telephone sales success is related to the survival of the site is one of the decisive factors.

company has developed a number of sales management system, but because personalized can not meet the requirements, and can not be easily modified, it is not recommended to use. As a network company, has its own planning, procedures, the development of a management system is a very simple thing. The reason to use the telephone sales system to manage, in order to improve the phone sales, it requires us to innovate. Here to explain to develop a set of management system seamless network, and the electronic commerce website based on B2B industry, realize the potential customer distribution, classification, database mining, tracking and other useful features, methods to improve the effect of sales effort.


system only for not establishing regional sales channels B2B industry e-commerce sites, not all of the B2B electronic commerce website is practical, we can serve as a reference, make improvement according to the actual situation. This system also needs to be improved, which is not correct, I hope you understand, I hope you and I explore the best solution.

1 Distribution of potential customers

potential distribution is related to the interests of salespeople, if the distribution is not good, will cause the contradiction, is not conducive to the unity; if a large number of repeat, overwhelm customers for sales, on site antipathy, damage to the brand website. Here to explain in detail the customer allocation method.

1.1 can not be assigned to customers in accordance with the region

telephone sales staff to find customers, not according to geographical distribution, which will cause the waste of resources, will also cause the unfair distribution, sales skill is not good sales staff may be assigned to the area, a waste of resources; to bad area sales staff will be unhappy. Because the development of e-commerce in China is currently recognized in the region is still concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, as well as close to the coast of about 10 provinces. At the same time due to the visibility of the B2B industry e-commerce site is far less than the integrated Baidu, Alibaba and other network marketing platform, some areas simply can not sell.

when the sales staff is relatively small, customers take the initiative to make a phone call to apply for membership or advertising customers can be assigned in accordance with the region, while the distribution of this method to the website to contact us page.

1.2 as far as possible to eliminate duplication of customer

now many companies are using telephone sales, the market by some website construction, website push >

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