Sales season electricity supplier sellers how to stand out The letter should carry out business loan

in order to help sellers in the sales season ", should the letter loan business talent shows itself" recent integration of resources, the letter should join the brothers brand refers to Wang wealth, for all users of popular shops opened the tournament". Consumers are more prosperous electricity supplier will have the opportunity to visit the owner has 2 million high-quality fans Wang financial WeChat public, the need to obtain accurate sales of the season and the opportunity to burst the show.


letter is the letter of credit business, for sellers and Small and micro businesses to provide cross platform, real-time credit financial services platform, up to now has been to provide users with more than 200 thousand loans. In addition to meet these sellers demand for funds, loan business letter should also according to the characteristics of its life cycle, comprehensive help sellers to become bigger and stronger.

the current electricity market in the summer sales season, the advantage of promotion resources are competing to seize the shop, how to get more traffic, the explosion ", is the electricity supplier sellers talent shows itself" facing a big pain point. In order to help sellers get more traffic support, loan business letter should be the integration of high quality resources, join the brothers brand Yixin Wang refers to financial management, with its has 3 million registered users, 2 million WeChat fans influence, help sellers in the breakout season.

specifically, sellers will need only their own shop photos (the home page or explosion photo upload) popular tournament events page, and the page will share to social media, invite friends praise, will have the opportunity to get the show on the public finance business opportunity in the appropriate letter with 2 million fans. High popularity of top 10 sellers can not only get a cash reward, but also to get the opportunity to promote explosive products in the 2 million fan groups. (please check the activity rules in WeChat public number Shangtong ‘on loan).


letter loan business relevant responsible person said that the letter should refer to Wang finance financial users are mostly urban white-collar workers, itself has a certain ability to buy, is the quality of potential buyers, the event will be activated to Wang financial owned media channel within 2 million fans, to bring a lot of traffic to the appropriate letter business loan customers. In addition, this event can also help some of the electricity supplier in advance of the seller will be imported into the shop, as double 11 storage.

this is not the first time the loan business letter should flow from the electricity supplier sellers to provide support. Last year’s "double 11", "double 12" period, the letter should also for some business loan shops to send to the key position of the flow of resources. In addition to traffic, the letter will also focus on business loan business demands, to help electricity suppliers and Small and micro businesses access to a full range of support and development. (end)

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