What is the three train creative figure to help you fix creative promotion God figure

is well known, in the right click on the train through the impact factor, the creative map has always been in the first place. A good creative figure, can significantly enhance the click rate, conversion rate and even the brand reputation.

in the Taobao shopping process, creative map is the first link to the user and the seller from the creative map will directly determine the user is not to click, because only your picture was clicked, it was the chance to buy.

if I ask you, what do you think is the map?

is like this?





or is it?


in fact, my answer is that the above pictures are excellent creative map, to a certain extent can be called God map.

where are these gods,


a high degree of recognition, a see a picture, you can think of a product;

performance of new techniques, the use of the market before the means to show the product’s selling point;

, effectively improve the click rate, conversion rate and brand awareness will slowly rise;

know the place of God, everyone will think, such a figure who want, but the problem is how to do this map out?

here I give you a few recruit a school will be used, one with effective methods and techniques;

before we give you advice, the popularity of a little knowledge: train creative map part.

train creative map mainly consists of several of the background copywriting the product model and other parts, and different style of creative figure is by the several parts of the arrangement of changing performance. Well, the next one will learn practical skills.

first recruit, clever use of differentiation

in the creative map background above, others use white, you can use black, just let the surrounding background and the fine distinction between a red flower to make your own products like the snow, abnormal eye-catching.

, for example, with background color and other competing products make a difference contrast.


second strokes, near thigh

here "near the thigh" refers to the current event hot spot (including popular film, popular celebrities, popular events etc.), high frequency (including the scene often see the traffic signs, computer or mobile phone prompt popups etc.).

as follows: (with news broadcast >

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