Brush reproduction arena Jingdong POP merchants made ghost orders

because of a series of orders received frequent abnormal messages, consumers Zhang Yida (a pseudonym) found the Jingdong to open businesses on the platform by the chicken brush single chain. Although the Jingdong continued to issue "signal strike brush", but they always seem to find the gap, with ease.

ghost order out of the confiscation of the address does not exist

days ago, Jingdong Zhang Yida diamond users billion state power network to reflect, although the recent no online shopping behavior, but the mobile phone number but frequently receive order delivery notice from the Jingdong, "only in August received dozens of similar information". According to him, these SMS notification also clearly marked the order number of goods, it is strange that these orders are not in their Jingdong account.

host received Jingdong system notification

According to Zhang Yida

provides Jingdong account information display, the mobile phone number has been bound to the shipping address is displayed for the Guangdong Province, a recent deal occurred in August 23rd, to buy a can of infant formula, and the order is the completion of the transaction.

machine provides Jingdong account information

in addition, in August 26th and on the same day in August 28th, there are two orders are being delivered parcels.

for details of the two single commodity, billion state power network and Jingdong customer service customer service to communicate. After the query that, among them, one order goods included a total of 7, with the Italian Jingdong flagship store Dimitar clothing, the delivery address is shown in the "Shanghai Putuo District city Xichang Road No. 109, the consignee telephone is Zhang Yida commonly used mobile phone number, but the name of the consignee is not Zhang Yi himself and the orders have been signed.

in addition, billion state power network found that web pages in Baidu, Baidu map, High German map, map search, but not in Shanghai Putuo District query to "Xichang road" this.

according to a woman’s big seller analysis, the consignee’s phone number is misplaced, orders can not be placed under the conditions of the inquiry, the order belongs to the merchant is difficult to exclude a single brush suspects.


diagram shows the order details of the goods, the phone number is Zhang Yida, name, address is not

is similar to the situation is that another order contains goods over 40 belong to the Jingdong, Yi Lang Zhuang flagship store, and all women’s clothing.

Details of goods shown in


coincidentally, billion state power network consulting Yi Lang Zhuang flagship store business that Italy Dimitar flagship store flagship store and Yi Lang Zhuang is the same in business operations.

admitted that a single merchant actually sent a threat to the host

unexpectedly, that the inquiry in the above unknown orders, the flag

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