The flow of organic integration of traditional retailers online and offline

take advantage of traditional retailers: online and offline integration lead: the July 5th edition of the "New York Times" print edition published an article called, in the face of the strong rise of e-commerce, many traditional retailers have become the electricity supplier’s inspection points". But in order to cope with this challenge, the traditional retail business is not against it, but to make full use of the advantage of the store, the network business entity and business integration. This may even be forced to open a pure electricity supplier business entities.


below is the full text of the article:

cater to demand

The rise of

online shopping has led to the decline of traditional retailers into the shopping site "inspection point", which has suffered heavy losses. In response to this trend, best buy even in some high priced products with special code to replace the traditional bar code, bar code scanning to prevent the customer after the online price comparison.

now, some large retailers began to transform the store into an extension of their own online stores, in response to the "pre purchase inspection" (Showrooming). WAL-MART, Messi department store, Sears, best buy, Container Store and other retailers to increase online shopping facilities in the store, including the return of online shopping center, delivery, free shipping, payment counter counter, even car shuttle service center.

"we live in a customer-oriented era, in the face of the ‘buy before inspection’ this trend, you can contrarian and for, can also take the initiative to embrace." WAL-MART’s online stores in the United States District CEO Joel · Anderson (Joel Anderson) said, "we have a large number of assets, but only take the initiative to meet the needs of consumers, these assets can play a role."

like Su · Sue (Sheffer), such as consumers, became the hope of large retailers. Thanks to Virginia, a IT Commissioner, he often buys clothes, electronics, and even coffee from the internet. But she also wants to receive the goods as soon as possible. When she was optimistic about Container Store products, can get up in the morning from online, the use of lunch time to go to the store to pick up, not only convenient, but also saves a freight.

retail distribution service provider ShopperRunner chief strategy officer Fiona · (Fiona Dias) will be called the trend of the Amazon and pure electricity supplier launched the attack on".

unfortunately, the store has been seen as no one wants the child, she said, the store does have a disadvantage, but there are many advantages." One of the advantages is to be able to contact customers with cash payments.

cash payment

in April this year, WAL-MART began to allow consumers to order products online, and then to store cash pickup. >

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