Capital winter how to help car electricity supplier

not long ago in the bustling "double 11", Tmall, thunder electric car filling, Jingdong and other retail business platform, vertical electric car platforms such as car home, easy car network show during the double 11 supernatural powers, "1 yuan," seckill "straight down million", "online payment deduction the car" attractive promotional activities to let the car electricity supplier in the "price war" as one falls, another rises in a high-profile. However, behind the prosperity, but the slow growth of the electricity supplier embarrassment.

prosperity under the appearance of foam multi

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Chinese Automobile Industry Association released data show that in 2013 car sales were 22 million 116 thousand and 800 units and 21 million 984 thousand and 100 units, an increase of 14.76% and 13.87%; the 2014 car sales were 23 million 722 thousand and 900 units and 23 million 491 thousand and 900 units, an increase of 7.26% and 6.86%, but the growth rate is still lower than expected growth of 8%-10%.

If 2013 was the first year of

, the electric car unfortunately, so far the car electricity supplier also didn’t occur, this year is 2015, electric cars have experienced 3 "double 11", this year’s "double 11" electric cars have high-profile sun, as of November 11th 24 o’clock, car home a total order 54 thousand, the transaction amounted to 8 billion 795 million yuan; chexun Wang total over 10 thousand single day subscription, the total order amount is 1 billion 216 million yuan; the three major electricity supplier platform and line BITAUTO Hui Hui car easy car mall + + BITAUTO’s "Le car purchase activities completed a total order of the total 78 thousand units, the total trade reached 12 billion 560 million yuan.

data from the point of view, the total trading volume and did more than last year, but in fact, consumers can enjoy real benefits through electricity less and less; while the car makers in the sun will quickly restore calm, but my heart is very clear, this is just a surface "feast". And clothing, home appliances, digital and other electricity providers compared to the car is a low frequency and high priced goods, while the purchase of the link is more cumbersome, so far, the car is still a difficult electricity supplier oasis".

from the incremental auto market this year as a whole, as the car market sales volume declined, led directly to the supply of products is greater than the number of consumers to buy, that is oversupply, in such an environment, the prosperity of the market image of electric cars, but too much foam.

for consumers, the first is the "budget", through the budget to determine the car range, but now many cars are seemingly "cheap", in fact configuration and 4S stores vary greatly. In addition, many cars are under the banner of low-cost, but the price is not transparent, makes it difficult for consumers to enjoy to the price, such as this year’s "double 11", many platforms are required to pay the deposit, but also limit the tail section of the consumer name before the closing XX can enjoy a discount, but the deposit is not returned, and only a small number of consumers can enjoy the preferential price, that is to say, most of the consumers.

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