Talking about the 78 year old boss’s understanding of e commerce

he is from Wenzhou, 18 year old illiterate, conscription into the army, 20 years old to do business, then single-handed went to Guangzhou clothing business started. Today is the chairman of the three traditional manufacturing enterprises, the domestic real estate tycoon, a founder of a five star hotel. He is 78 years old, is my boss, the following allow me to Yu Yu to call him.

founded e-commerce company

When the

in the three companies business very influential, Yu Dong established e-commerce company, operates the company design and production of clothing. Electricity supplier company is the name of his son, his son is doing a clothing business in france. He often said that he did not culture, he did not understand e-commerce, but he felt that e-commerce must be done, but also to do, we have to rely on these college students, intellectuals to help him with the cause. He often tells us his understanding of e-commerce and views, and why he wants to do e-commerce reasons, the following is about his understanding of e-commerce:

a, Ma Yun is the biggest liar

Yu Dong often said that Ma Yun is the biggest liar on the Internet, we have always been fooled in the past, in their side to do business, the customer has to pull over, and we can not get anything. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the small and medium sellers Taobao, Taobao is now the case, as long as we will have money to invest in business, do not want to invest money on the money. And even if you put money, investment 2 million, 5 million, to sell goods, but sell the goods may not be the promotion and operation costs even pull off some customers, but is always not Taobao’s big business, the customer is always not our customers. When one day, not in Taobao money, customers will naturally disappear as. Early investment does not come back, brand influence is not to build up. Ma Yuncai is the Internet’s vampire, which sucks the businessman’s money, according to Yu Dong said, Alipay is Ma Yun’s weapon, a day hundreds of millions or even billions of money in his home.

two, chicken and egg electricity supplier

chicken and egg electricity supplier, which is more than Dong explained the most interesting views of electricity providers, he said that the electricity supplier is like a chicken, the chicken raised for a long time may have the opportunity to lay eggs, I personally very much agree with his statement. Each electricity supplier companies are in the chicken, capital or investment business, to support it, he does not expect now chickens can lay eggs at once, just don’t let the chicken die, if in the wrong direction, so the chicken is likely to die. In the electronic commerce, we must proceed step by step, not a promotion, good internal strength, efforts to solve the problem of product, a good grasp of the direction of operation. Now in the chicken body spent on money, is to let the chicken live to die, occupy a space for one person in a large number of chickens, to have eggs.

three, cut channels do B2C

since the beginning of e-commerce operations, we are doing in the channel

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