Non depth analysis of multiple suffixes

Internet with lower threshold and the openness of the Internet, more and more people can freely with their own personal website, and the domain name is the main part of the site, and enhance the value of the domain name, the domain name is associated with a price increase, thus introducing more people to join the ranks of the domain name investment.

according to incomplete statistics: the number of domain names by A in 1997 rose to B people in 2008 (B greater than A) or see more and more people to join the ranks of the domain name investment. The recent news is exciting, ICANN will be open next year, a variety of suffix registration.

Stupid wolf

non depth of the incident analysis of the main reasons is that: this variety of ICANN suffix for the international money plan.

in the field of money winner in include: plan ICANN, standardized regulations, registrar, ICANN partners, tpyo domain income, a handful of domain name investors.

this variety of suffixes are mainly non popular art enthusiasts domain mainly concentrated in a few hands, for the terminal or not affect another lover, so little chance of circulation. Hope to enter a variety of suffix domain name investors cautious.


6.23-6.28 webmaster domain activity week

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