EBay buy their first country already forming

foreign media news, eBay officially launched to the United States a few days ago, "instant sell" (Instant Sale) service. The event, combined with eBay’s "two sale, the two use, recycling" event, allows users to participate in the activities of the sale of second-hand goods they no longer need, and get some cash income.

in the operation process, the user needs to apply for a free label, all kinds of information indicate the items, steps and five roughly the same. When you release the second-hand goods to be bought by others, the money will be promptly into the account of the seller’s account.

It is reported that

, this is the first attempt to eBay such activities in its website, and for this type of "idle" again, China had already reached some scale. EBay move, it can be said that in 06 years and China Tom.com announced the establishment of a joint venture, after the absorption of local experience to promote the application.

Buy a website for

at home, have already been quietly in silence, gradually forming. Simple search, you can see the purchase, net, commodity categories, purchase network, integrated network has purchased for the region, each buy site form roughly the same, each consumer can restrict their goods, in his small store, barter or or, rather, did not see for yourself on the matter in his eye, idle things by others after purchase, get a certain amount of the voucher, in the next time you see the restrictions you want, you can use a voucher to buy.

and many of the exchange site also opened the integration of activities, the integration of new products. And most of these new products from the holidays, we have received some of the gifts can not digest. For example, during the holidays, many companies have to draw, Bo award and other welfare activities, and for some shopping coupons, shopping cards, small appliances reward, many friends have used up, and to buy waste unfortunately, one is network resource is saved at the lowest price to obtain benefits; on the other hand also, through the purchase, improve the website among consumer interaction, so that each user is more a sense of participation.

eBay the domestic e-commerce model for reference, but also to make the domestic model go out. This is also an incentive for the domestic e-commerce enterprises, as long as you dare to think, we can also!

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