Jingdong to absorb agricultural electricity providers from selling platform of chemical fertilizer a

news July 16th, billion state power network exclusive was informed that the day before, agricultural business platform "brand compound fertilizer Jin Zhengda and agricultural industry development fund China jointly invest 2 billion yuan to build a business" will be held this month at the end of the Jingdong officially settled mall.

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Jingdong introduced by Jingdong in the platform of agriculture and commerce, flagship store, consumers can directly choose Jin Zhengda and the domestic and foreign agricultural industry, agricultural products, and by the Jingdong provide the rural electricity supplier logistics and customer service service. Jin Zhengda will also be through the Jingdong business platform for the problem of farmers’ agricultural use and farming to provide answers and guidance.


for Kingenta agricultural electricity providers "agribusiness No.

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, Jingdong and Jin Zhengda will also further explore the diversified mode of cooperation, including seeking the operation system and logistics system of cooperation, and will together build a Jingdong Jin Zhengda public train project ", this project intends to help farmers sell slow-moving agricultural products into the corporate responsibility and public service category.


electricity supplier agricultural official said: "the Jingdong plans to use one to two years, through the agricultural industry, the flow of information, integrating all aspects of agricultural industry, starting from the seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, agricultural implements, to expand agricultural services, rural finance transactions and services gradually."

in addition, the Jingdong will also use their own supply chain system, provide traceability system for all agricultural products, as well as supporting logistics solutions and customer service and other agricultural packaging services.

"in" commercial. "On the line, as long as the network and the mobile phone signal, the farmers were in the promotion of hands to help rural Jingdong, to buy the genuine low prices of agricultural products, the Jingdong enjoy door-to-door delivery, cash on delivery or payment of value-added services. At the same time, agricultural experts online Jin Zhengda and the fields of technical guidance, will directly benefit the farmers and rural economy." Jingdong said agricultural electricity providers.

It is reported that

, the cooperation with Jin Zhengda means that the Jingdong of agricultural electricity supplier strategy officially launched, this is the first step to formally enter the agricultural electricity supplier market Jingdong.

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