nvestors Shang Wenjie early into the electricity supplier worship Lei Jun

[Abstract] saw Shang Wenjie, she has been in the studio for the shot hit a few hours of filming, and clearance are still seriously photographers discussing details, personally selected pieces of photos and so on, so, billion state power network of the cross-border chat arranged in her makeup at the same time.

due to mirror, the image of Shang Wenjie shuttle in the mirror in the mirror, but also reflects her sides: as a personality full screen star, Shang Wenjie is not seen as the high cold, even passionate; but in the real world, compared to other electricity supplier as a gimmick by artist, she is more business savvy, are more rational and cautious. The beginning of the electricity supplier circle, the choice of investment, and investment as an important means of operating their own personality will be fully integrated into a product belonging to their own. This is perhaps Shang Wenjie’s personal independence of conduct.

spent gorgeous in the spotlight after several years, what is the reason that the 31 year old Shang Wenjie had joined the most hard to force the world industry business idea? Billion state power network with many problems and Shang Wenjie launched a talk.


billion state power network

Shang Wenjie

investment in the electricity supplier but with the identity of the artist that

billion state power network: do you really want to know the investment business? This is a bitter industry, many investors lose everything.

Shang Wenjie: first, my own ideas to determine, the second, the team and all aspects of the maturity of the media resources, so there is the basis for doing electricity supplier. Electronic commerce is the future consumption patterns, is now in the stage when a blossom everywhere, the future will form a lot of consumer groups and consumer habits at this stage. At this time to seize the consumer, the establishment of innovative models, to be able to ensure a firm foothold in the future of the electricity supplier market.

billion state power network: you don’t say these words too much like an artist, but a businessman. Investment electricity supplier this behavior is you as an artist in their own business planning to do it?

Shang Wenjie: in fact, this investment is a purely commercial behavior, based on the artist’s identity to do one thing is not our intention to do this investment. The essence of our own company to do electricity providers, planning different products for the product to choose the most appropriate platform to cooperate with it. The relationship with the platform is a joint venture, the two sides come up with their best resources, experience, ability to cooperate.

billion state power network: a lot of people to do the transformation, such as Li Jing, the artist to change from merchants, you feel good at the


Shang Wenjie: in recent years the identity of the artist with a business management products have much in common, I believe there are a lot of experience can be used to do the above products, but the actual operation of the electricity supplier we have no experience, so we invest in a product will work with a business platform.

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