Sources said Jingdong mall will pay the acquisition of online banking layout

September 27th afternoon news, according to sources, Jingdong mall intends to pay the layout, the acquisition of online banking online payment license, the message is expected to be disclosed in the near future.

According to Sina

technology, the Jingdong intends to acquire online banking online recently has been circulating in the industry, but not the final landing news, according to sources close to the Jingdong mall said the acquisition has been basically completed.

this means that the layout has been independent logistics, warehousing Jingdong began to pay the layout. Statistics show that online banking online central bank approach to the third party payment license, business scope includes Internet payment, mobile payment, fixed telephone payment and bank card payment.

Why pay for the Jingdong

layout, insiders pointed out that with the third party payment companies not only relates to the high rate, lack of control, and the Jingdong had intention to get involved in the payment industry, has paid more than third party talks with the company.

online banking official statistics, which was founded in 2003, the existing staff of more than 200 people, in May 3, 2011 to get paid a license to establish cooperative relations with more than and 80 financial institutions, including four major banks, UnionPay and nongxinyin, opened more than and 300 bank settlement payment terminal interface, support POS, mobile phone, telephone, Internet a variety of online and offline, and bank card, card, telecommunications cards and other payment instruments.

Jingdong and online banking online did not respond to the matter.

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