Millet TV R & D nsider SKYWORTH’s president has been brewing investment as the music grab

is the smart TV market, Iqiyi music video website for the spoiler millet reached more boiling.

5 days after the release of millet TV, millet will usher in household electrical appliance enterprises, gunpowder full riposte. The old TV giant SKYWORTH not only launched 1999 yuan smart TV with ALI, its executives also publicly satire millet TV, said it was compared with the professional home appliances, stone age encountered industrial civilization".


47 inch TV and millet will open their own cool open 42 inch TV: 2999 yuan compared to the former, the latter 1999 yuan; the former uses V13 panel, the V14 panel with a higher profile; the thickness of 8.4mm, the latter 5.9mmm. SKYWORTH has to present in the smart TV hardware advantage, and are not afraid of millet.

and SKYWORTH, not only in the smart TV and millet sike.

according to sources in the smart TV forum, Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu, SKYWORTH, and Iqiyi jointly launched the Internet box products listing is expected in 1-2 months. Iqiyi and SKYWORTH will use hardware products box fees, free mode, millet box is clearly one of the main target opponent.

is the "invasion" in the traditional territory, other household electrical appliance enterprises have also emphasized that, now living TV enterprise is from the year TV war "wholesale slaughter came out, millet price as the starting point is to pick up a group of bad luck, not easy to deal with the opponent. A color TV business executives of Tencent technology, said the momentum and public opinion can not be lost on the millet."

smart TV market will enter a fierce offensive and defensive phase. Little is known, and now millet to fire the most violent SKYWORTH millet TV has a source. According to co-founder of millet, millet TV official Wang Chuan said, SKYWORTH President Yang Dongwen had intended to invest in Millet TV, and launched many exchanges with Wang Chuan, just because the concept of inconsistent cooperation "finally fizzled".

SKYWORTH had cast millet TV

millet TV early last year to start the project, the project is responsible for multi look. Lei Jun said frankly that the Tencent of science and technology, millet mergers and acquisitions to look at is the leader of Wang Chuan to attract. Wang Chuan millet millet millet has been involved in the creation of the former, he also had several interviews with the founder of the early, so he is co-founder of millet.

actually, Lei Jun and Wang Chuan also has the origin, cooperation is not limited to this, the original Jinshan software founder Qiu Baijun after retirement, Wang Chuan has been acting for Lei Jun, Kingsoft CEO office, until the incumbent CEO Zhang Hongjiang in place, and will leave until after the handover of the work. It is also the experience of this Jinshan agent CEO let Wang Chuan and SKYWORTH President Yang Dongwen intersection.

in early 2012, Yang Dongwen visited Zhang Hongjiang, SKYWORTH TV and Jinshan cloud to discuss cooperation, to be built into the Jinshan cloud SKYWORTH cloud tv. Wang Chuan and Zhang Hongjiang handover work

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