Taking three strategies to solve the micro circle of friends brush every day but no sales troubles

is now doing derivative too many friends, including Wang Jishun’s WeChat circle of friends, some understanding friends in the micro business, but I seldom orders through the circle of friends, why? There are two reasons:

the first point: the product can be, but it is not what I need;

second points: the release of goods WeChat users, I can not trust him;

this phenomenon is not my personal encounter, is a lot of friends are doing micro business problems, I updated the circle of friends every day, why no one single? Today will give you micro anchor network three strategies to solve micro business every day, brush circle of friends but no sales trouble.

first recruit: attract precise fans

is now doing a lot of micro business friends in addition to fans, is the amount of choice, rather than quality. What do you mean? Many friends do first derivative is certainly attract a lot of fans for their fans, but these are how to obtain it? Open the WeChat people nearby, Duang! Duang! Duang Meng add friends, regardless of whether he is male or female, regardless of his age and habit is what, as long as the is my fans. Such fans may be able to get a number of growth in the short term, but the quality of these fans is very poor.

so what kind of fans are high quality fans

our fans are the best to attract, rather than your initiative to add, attract and take the initiative to add results for the late turnover rate is different.

according to your sales of goods, who is your analysis of the user groups? Where? How to attract their attention, why do they add you, you add are concerned about the behavior of follow-up, although such fans in the difficulty of obtaining large quantity are few, but the fans are the targets of potential customers you, their turnover rate will be relatively high.


, you can set a goal for the team, for example, the number of not less than 50 per day plus fans, much less a little reward, punishment, motivate the team as much as possible to find a way to add fans, along with the increase of the number of fans, but also cultivate the confidence of the team members.

second strokes: cultivate trust

a man wanted to buy an item, select the way has many kinds, Taobao, Jingdong, one store and so on, want to see fans on an item, or intend to buy a piece of merchandise to choose you, need to develop user stickiness is the trust, only trust you. The user can choose your goods, so how to cultivate the trust of users of


1, learn to communicate with your fans

comment for the fans the daily release of the circle of friends, fans meet solve problems and puzzles, agree with the fans point of view, but also to learn to praise the fans, a lot of people circle of friends and not so many friends, most.

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