Excellent differential pin system can not miss these three platforms


has a strong relationship attributes the social platform, person centered development acquaintance circle, can the depth of the vertical development of interaction, to achieve precision marketing. The economic circle, the unique advantages of fission spread, making WeChat marketing has been the current enterprise businesses of all ages and blitz.


platform for the sustainable development of the electricity supplier business customers, CMS decided to upgrade its series of products. In this update, in addition to continue to butt WeChat public platform, while retaining the function of WeChat, pig CMS electricity supplier products will actively docking micro-blog and QQ space these two social platforms. Since then, the pig CMS electricity supplier distribution system fully support WeChat, micro-blog, QQ space three social platforms. In addition, the pig CMS electricity supplier system will support a variety of payment, including WeChat, Alipay (WeChat payment payment can be used), TenPay, UnionPay payment, payment, payment communications, receivables and other independent businesses.

WeChat, micro-blog, QQ space, three social platforms, each with its own characteristics, each has its own advantages, each social platform has its own customer base and loyal users.

micro-blog: media + social

micro-blog is a real-time information access, publishing, communication, dissemination of open social media platform, information dissemination in one to many ways. Micro-blog is not a man to get friends to strengthen the dynamic relationship between each other, so in terms of relational attributes, micro-blog is a strong media, weak social.

media: compared with the traditional media, micro-blog has the characteristics of wide source, information dissemination speed, wide influence, strong timeliness, and strong interaction between users, so it is easy to form a hot topic. And its fans are generally the majority of users in the crowd, mainly to micro-blog as a platform for information access.

so as long as your information on the user has a strong value of fans, it is easy to form a hot and widely spread.

social aspects: the advantage of weak ties is more light, easier to form, but also more stable. But the magnitude of the weak relationship is much stronger than that of the strong, and more free. Accumulated to a certain amount of weak relationship, is also an intangible value network.

therefore, business as long as the business is very easy to get a large group of fans in micro-blog.

in addition, recently, with the network broadcast and red hot development, micro-blog once again become popular, people watching entertainment and leisure platform, also become a new channel for many enterprises electricity supplier marketing, such as Angelababy live 2 hours to sell 10000 lipsticks, the electricity supplier marketing power.

pig CMS electricity supplier docking micro-blog, customers can compete in the micro-blog exhibition platform. Crazy fast suction powder and wide dissemination of information, borrow the latest marketing potential, a new sales record.


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