Martha Lahti Tmall test the water to sell the car felt the power of the electricity supplier

September 5th news, in 2016 (the nineteenth) during the Chengdu Auto Show (-11 on September 2nd), poly Automotive (Chengdu) Martha Lahti, director of sales, Zhang Yuming accepted the media interview. He said in an interview, Martha Lahti in the process of cooperation with Tmall, has felt the power of the electricity supplier, Martha Lahti is willing to invest capital in the electricity supplier promotional and advertising, meet new things with a positive attitude.


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According to

billion state power network to understand, Italy luxury car brand Martha Lahti in March this year, Tmall officially settled, the establishment of the official flagship store, the first SUV Levante in Tmall exclusive debut. At the same time, the whole system can be scheduled at the Martha Lahti Tmall flagship store in the sale of cars. The purchase of the transaction is mainly online single, note the relevant information to pay the deposit, the line to the store after the payment of the final payment of the contract and signed a purchase agreement. Levante customer service in Tmall, 18 seconds one hundred orders were sold out.


Martha Lahti Tmall flagship store screenshot

but Zhang Yuming said, if there is no line of support for Chinese traditional consumers buy hundreds of thousands, millions of things to see, not trying or very difficult, so we must do a combination of online and offline, the interaction is the right choice.

at the scene, Zhang Yuming also talked about some of his views on the overall auto market this year, he personally thought process from the beginning of last year to this year, all belong to the slowdown, only individual brand has a great increment, these are popularity from consumers and car city. In the future, the integration of the car market is an inevitable process, and there are ups and downs have fallen, like a wave of the past wave of relief, and then usher in a new wave.

I personally feel that the demand will be more personalized, refined and closer to the brand." Zhang Yuming said.

It is reported that

, Martha Lahti (Maserati) is a Italy luxury car manufacturer, was founded in December 1, 1914 in Bologna (Bologna), brand logo for a trident.

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