Ali deep door selling to a fundamental solution time

It is reported that in May 15th

, the French group’s many luxury goods in the United States sued Ali, this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar selling events. Since Taobao is Industrial and Commercial Bureau burst nearly 60% fake, Ali seems to be selling the news never ceased. Today, Ali in door selling, in the face of public opinion and media criticism, Ali also launched the corresponding measures. For example: cooperation, and more brand flagship store to help businesses set up their own brands, but these measures seem to be palliatives. Ali had exalted fake banner, but all the time are small talk.

is not wrong in Ali, the electricity supplier fake cost is too high

online shopping for ordinary users, Taobao, Tmall and selling knew, especially Taobao clothing products online, in addition to the brand’s flagship store, other small sellers are similar to spread the goods. Not to mention their own brand, and the phenomenon of selling Taobao platform, Ali knows the flood, why not start early focus on remediation. The reasons can be summarized as two points:

, Ali do not have the energy and money into the fake Taobao, small sellers on the platform too much, and a large amount of digital products. In the clothing category, for example, it is impossible to inspect and supervise each piece of clothing, so that the investment of human and material resources is too great. So Ali hit the cost is too high. Second, Ali is well aware of Taobao, Tmall or small sellers of the world, if you let those fakes, cottage goods completely disappeared, then Taobao will follow the disappearance. After all, Ali did not want to fake, not to mention the selling and buying fake itself is a kind of relationship between supply and demand.


in the teeth of the storm, then we must take corresponding measures


is now People will talk., Ali qihunanxia, so we must take corresponding measures, but the effect is really very difficult to assess how. And it is difficult to have an immediate effect, so we still have to give Ali a period of time. Now let Ali completely put an end to Taobao, Tmall fakes are unrealistic. In fact, Ali is not only in selling, more important is to deceive consumers, this is because consumers are very hate. A single brush, brush, brush the credibility of praise, like business spirit opium, brush out false information to mislead many consumers, so many netizens accused Ali unkind.

absolute purification of Taobao, Ali will be ruthless under his hand

Taobao, Tmall fake as a cancer, but the cancer has always been there, now is the time choice of ali. Or slowly cut, that will be very painful, or cruel way across the board, the risk will be great, let Taobao, Tmall may be unable to get up after a fall. At the moment Ali on pins and needles, not only by domestic consumers criticized, in abroad is frequently being sued. It seems to be Ali to join rebels, the anti-counterfeiting campaign has been imminent make snap.


Ali is not only to combat their own things, but also to get the relevant departments and supervision. In addition, Canton

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