Well known fansite Ai Ze Lars National Geographic NGACN domain theft

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dear user:

we received the National Geographic Azeroth (ngacn.com) emergency notice sent to the call, the website domain has been illegal use of the domain name provider program vulnerabilities malicious transfer to another name, and may refer to a malicious web site for game player harm. Ai Ze Lars, head of National Geographic hope that through the majority of players we are told not to log on any ngacn.com domain name under the site, so as not to harm the harmful content. The site’s recovery time or update information will be available on World of Warcraft’s official website for news bulletins.

NGACN has been temporarily transferred for malicious access!

official recommended BigFoot (big) plug-in to download and use is not affected, but is temporarily unable to upload and download the plug-in configuration file.

below is the administrator miaom in S1 post

on the NGA of the domain name event details, please enter

account before I have a small request, please look after my post to send to NGA members are likely to focus on the place, let them know the truth, and not listen to listen to the so-called NGA server and some websites are hacked like news, understand the principle can avoid unnecessary panic and unnecessary losses (such as temporary name on NGA yesterday that caught up or not on the NGA to find information, etc.).

said NGA is simple, the server is not very good, "NGA attacks, all belong to own thing" is very good, without any flaws, we have no supervision of poor people stepped in, the problem is part of the domain name. Domain name is equal to the key to access to NGA, the key lost may lead you to open the door, but the door is still intact.

domain name is how the problem? You may still remember the pig leaves domain event, someone forged their seal, the pig leaves the domain name NGA, this problem is basically the same, some people use Adsense my ID number to forge an identity card, and then made a copy. Copy of fax to the network, said he is the webmaster himself, we claim that account NGA domain password, all to help him to "get back". After the man landed, we modified the registered mailbox (because the password can be retrieved through the mailbox operation), and then began to apply for the transfer of our NGACN domain name.

transfer requires a copy of the ID card and the signature of the authority with the signature of the master, a copy of a copy of the natural or false, the signature can only be forged signature. The stationmaster didn’t receive telephone confirmation from first to last.

so that the domain name on the NGA inexplicably lost. That’s what happened.


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