Xianbuzhu Suning has engaged in the nternet store to where

these two days have been inquiring about Sogou acquisition of things, for the electricity supplier industry attention is not enough, but today is a news shocked Suning, sources said, suning.com is testing Internet store, create a new model of Internet shopping experience. On this new concept, I feel the deepest is Zhang Jindong’s words, that is, Suning is committed to a Internet Co, rather than e-commerce companies. This is an excellent proposal, if Suning can carry out this concept, then it must be an impact on the existing electricity supplier industry.

In contrast, suning.com

nearly two years of work can be said to be complete for the electricity supplier and the Internet, and even store have also opened the green light, add fuel to the fire for the expansion of sales network platform. Zhang Jindong had a command that is suning.com in all branches of revenue into the manager’s performance, the number of first in the country is still. But in order to Suning electronic business platform, but also many money, from the current situation, the impact of suning.com Internet Co model has great odds.

Suning store + network platform has obvious advantages

can say Suning has an advantage, a lot of electricity supplier companies can not shake, that is, Suning has 1700 stores under the line, and these stores are essential to enhance the user experience. Although the online store more as the online fitting room, but Zhang Jindong does not think the next line store opened will lose the meaning, instead of offline resources is to use the weapon. Because the next line store experience, consumers can know more about the commodity information, know commodity features, and these are the mobile phone or mobile device can offer, and a more transparent and detailed shopping process will reduce returns may to a certain extent, this is also for the enterprise a good news. In addition, Apple has a store experience, did not affect their online sales, instead by occupying on the market, and to master more purchase channels, and thus enhance the bargaining power, this is Su Ning should think of the problem.

enterprise value concept innovation, with destructive power

from the cloud to purchase now the Internet store, Suning has been the courage you mentioned, compared to the United States and a number of traditional channels, suning.com apparently for Internet elements are more cold, more interested in. From the information currently available, 1211 rebate site long feeling Suning future is an ecosystem of shopping mall, consumers can Suning to provide the platform for the next line and enjoy the product experience and other services, these services are not necessarily for the consumer, but can provide equivalent shopping needs, through such a ecosystem, consumers will win up completely. As the industry said, the future of the business form is undergoing great changes, making people rely on the shopping street to further strengthen. This led to the role of the shopping center is also changing, although there will certainly be shopping, but shopping has become an experiential way >

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